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Yup you’ve got it. It’s that time again.

life rearranged

So this was basically our haul from the GCDC event that we attended. Mixed in there are product samples, information pamphlets, and various discount codes and coupons. Score! Oh yea and off to the right are the Fuzzibunz diapers and changing pad that we won.
Now I realize that this picture is a little dark. This was one item that I was excited about that we got two sample packets of in our goodie bag haul. It is Dr. Robin sunscreen for kids. Why am I excited to try it? It’s natural and made in CA. Which means somewhat local. I have also been looking for a natural sunscreen to try. I currently use SPF 50 on my DD, but maybe 30 will be good enough.
Q-bert anyone? Stacking blocks with DD. She is really good at stacking now. I remember four blocks on her own being hard and now she makes towers.
This is a sign that clearly spring has sprung. Baby geese. Canadian Geese to be more exact. They must be lost … haha. They were too cute to pass up.
Allegedly the Service Engine Soon light is on because we changed out the fuel filter that was leaking and did not yet reset the battery. Darling S said that he would take care of this. That was before April. Uhuh. I know.
2/3 of our recycling. Cardboard/paper, glass and steel/tin cans. It is taking up space and piling up. We do not have trash cans outside yet to put it all in. I want to take it and get it out of here, but I don’t want to go alone with the kids the first time that I go. Something like that could be bad times with two babies. I would like to go with S to see what it is like so I can figure out a game plan. So for now it piles up. *sigh*
Lastly, the devastation of this morning already at 9 AM. It’s okay as long as she is happy.
Happy Friday.

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life rearranged

PS I know that I have not yet posted my Tula review. I have it drafted, but it is not yet complete. Hopefuly if that babies cooperate it will be up this afternoon or tomorrow.
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  1. Natalie Jane says:

    Ah yes. The morning mess. I know it well.

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