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Simple photos captured with nothing more than a cell phone.

Since I hurt my back I tried to get the little lady to carry as much as possible. Don’t worry she won’t be hurting her back, the backpack is basically empty.

We had photos taken as a family on 6/9 ….. I finally ordered them. They arrived so fast. I was quite happy. Now to go frame shopping and all will be complete.

we, well let’s be honest, S, planted my Scarlet Runner Beans. With an injured back doing anything bent over is/was a bad idea. He got it all together for me tho, and six days later this is what popped up. In the morning there were three little sprouts, and by the end of the same day there were seven. They are growing so fast. I can’t wait for them to flower and grow on our home made recycled trellis.

Look at these two goobers. They are so cute. We love them.

Yes he is wearing one of his sister’s old bibs, yes that is a hand me down sippy cup too. She basically didn’t use it tho. She did not like them, so it is basically new. This guy is a solid food champ. Unlike the bottle.

Waiting for daddy and sister to get back home. I think I have a future escape artist on my hands.

Somone has to check the ads right? It certaintly hasn’t been me lately. She got right to it.

These two strawberry plants have produced no fruit recently. They have made two rooted babies (runners) and there are three more sitting on soil waiting to root.

Can a girl get a strawberry? Please?

When a two year old tells you “I need money” … be worried, very worried. She found my wallet and proceded to empty the contents. Yay!

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life rearranged
life rearranged
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2 Responses to 'Insta Friday'

  1. Elkins says:

    I love that she is such a helper…Gabe has been into taking Daddy’s wallet and hiding it in his room.

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