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Apparently I couldn’t even fake a smile or silly face for this. Not sure what was happening there, but reading and the vertical bike at the gym go together like Monday’s and coffee. This book was shared with me by my yoga teacher because I was asking questions. I am not sure that it answered any of the questions I had, but it was a good story about finding ones self, and I enjoyed it.

St. Patrick’s parade day in San Diego. We enjoyed ourselves. Not enough green tho. I think we missed a few spots.



Not staged, real life reaction when she discovered that we did not, in fact, capture a leprechaun. I know that lot’s of people do not have a leprechaun that visits their house, but you should. Of all the holiday shenanigans that go on throughout the year the leprechaun comes up more than any other. Sure all kids love presents, but Santa doesn’t hide them, and there are no games that make you think you might find him. I dunno, something about that little green guy really get my daughter going. She even remembered that he “pooped” in our potty last year. She isn’t even 4 yet.



Of all the coffee breaks I have taken my children’s lives, we have never had a snack together in a coffee shop. $10 on my Starbucks card made, and a long line at the drive thru made it happen. The kids were pretty well behaved and quiet for a 2 and 3 year old. I had coffee, they had water, and snacks. It was nice. I kind of felt like we were hanging out together. I will definitely do this again.



Yoga. Me. Pretty much every day. I have never, NEVER, been so aware of my body. I wish someone taught me yoga a long time ago. I would have been a better gymnast. Regardless, it is helping me to become a better me. I don’t feel quite as light on my feet as I did in my youth, but I am definitely getting there. After this photo was taken I decided to do a back handspring for the first time since having my ACL repaired. It felt good. A mom friend posted a message that day that said “Do something your scared of everyday.” That was my thing, for that day. Now to find something for tomorrow.



He woke up from his nap before I had escaped the room. When he saw that I was still there he got out of bed and laid down next to me. By next to me, I mean on my arm. Scarlet, my dog, took that as her sign to lay right behind me. Snug as a bug, I was going no where. Who am I kidding, I didn’t want to! All too soon there will be no more snuggles from my two mini’s.



I totally forgot that this book was coming to me, and it arrived just in time! I had just returned book the day before and had nothing to read. I’ll let you know how it goes.



When your home, and Wednesday actually feels like hump day, what do you do? Me? I make it sweeter! These were vegan brownie bites. Were because they are all gone now, naturally.



And when your beach day plans get ruined by both rain and vomit, you color with the kids. It just seemed like the best thing to do at the time.


What were you up to?


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