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Traveling with children is a fact of life for all parents. How much or how little may vary from time to time, and parent to parent, either way it is inevitable. Since the beginning of the toddler phase K1 needs entertainment in the car. Sometimes music, or talking to her is enough, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. What about the days that mommy or daddy do not want to talk about the girl who flew over the rainbow, or sing Old Mac Donald? Those are the days we need some car friendly distractions.

I’m not promising that this will be ground breaking or earth shattering, but sometimes we just need an idea of what has already worked for someone else to give us a great idea of our own. With that said, I decided to share. I’ll also add in that I do not have XM or Sirius radio in the car, and the CD player is broken, so we need these things every trip.

These are a things that we use mostly for daily travel with success (think trips not longer than two hours);

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Number Maze

This is a counting game. There are enough magnetic balls to fill each pocket with the displayed number. It teaches kids to count in a fun way. Farm animals, magnetic balls, and numbers, oh yea.

My kids are not counting yet, but moving the magnetic balls around is enough of a challenge to keep them quietly entertained for a while. Last time I checked, in the car, that’s all that is important.

Bilingual Talking Activity Book

This one keeps either child entertained for quite a while. I will leave a warning with this suggestion. *It gets annoying for the adult* at least to me. If it is on and being played with it is just fine, (or I am rather) but the turning on/off sound makes me crazy.

What it does? It teaches the alphabet, clock, and simple words in English and Spanish. It actually is working with K1. She is still, at almost 3, confused by “before/after, letter ….” fill in the blank, but she is getting better. There is also a function where it will just play a short song for any button pressed.At 14 months any sound it makes is great for the little guy K2.

Fisher-Price Travel Doodler Pro, Green

Doesn’t everyone have one of these, or something similar?

I am also certain that this is self explanatory as to how it is entertaining to kids, and super awesome for car rides. The only defect for us in our usage, is that my daughter wants you to draw the things she can not. It becomes a game for her. You draw and she guesses what it is. This is still good for us on longer road trips, but not so good for short trips with one adult. It’s kind of hit or miss, sometimes she will entertain herself, sometimes she won’t. K2 likes slamming the pen on the writing surface, so he’s cool with it.

Elmo’s Rockin’ Road Trip Digital Music Player Book – Sesame Street

This last one is great. It is a simple player that your young child can easily control. K1 loves it because she can pick what song she wants to hear, and skip it when she’s tired of it.

It’s a book and music player. In the book are the colorful Sesame Street Characters, and the words to the songs that play on the player. Not that K1 or K2 can actually read the words, but they like to think they do!

What do you have your child/children do in the car on both long and short trips?


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