I Want To Dance

I really enjoy dancing. Like a lot. For me it always has been a lot of fun. However, I feel that there comes a time where certain types of dancing are unacceptable. You know like bumping and grinding in front of Grandma at a wedding, might be somewhat inappropriate, in my opinion. It’s kind of like making out in front of your parents. You can do it, but you feel weird/wrong doing so. Aside from that, you grow up and bumping and grinding looses some of its allure. Your no longer looking for attention or you understand the negative attention that comes with it.

Well my grown up 30 year old self still wants to dance. I want to dance like they do in the following video. Fast Lindy Hop. I can see S and I dancing like the third couple to come out in this video (Max and Alice). So fun. Wholesome music you don’t mind the kids hearing, same heart pumping dancing action. Oh, and this type of dancing not only would I not mind Grandma watching, but I would actually wanna show off for her. Oh and please feel free to ignore the first couple that comes out. I’m not a fan of their style. And if it matters to you, the second couple to come out (red skirt) win this particular competetion.

If you enjoyed watching that video watch this next one too. This one is super fun. It’s like all the best moves in one video. All the parts that make you go ooh and ahh. The hibernating gymnast in me is screaming “I can do that”!

I very much want to go and take lessons. The closest place to me is 45 mins away, and beginner class is only on Wed at 7. For S and I to go together it would be cutting it close. Add in the variable of a babysitter and the fact that it’s $72 for two, for 4 weeks, and well, we haven’t signed up. Mostly cause of the “what if we don’t have a sitter” concern. I want to go so bad I might even be willing to go alone. Maybe for my birthday or something.

Maybe I can try learning from a DVD, or Youtube. I mean Youtube did teach me to knit, so why not? I’m thinking that will be my next step.

Do you know how to Lindy Hop? Have you used a video to learn to dance? If so what company made it?


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