"I can’t"

Me “Come inside”
DD ” I can’t” *starts crying*

DD “I need to go potty”
Me “So pull down your panties and go”
DD “I can’t” *starts crying, this time inconsolably*

DD “I want to go downstairs”
Me “put on your panties and let’s go”
DD “I can’t put on panties”
Me “well lets just go down stairs, bring them with you”
DD “I can’t” *rolls around on the floor crying at the top of the stairs*


Everything the past few days is “I can’t” and lots and lots of unprovoked crying.

The fly looks at her wrong, crying.
The hummingbird doesn’t look at her, crying.
She drinks all her water, crying.
She wakes up, crying.

Seriously everything results in crying. Even things she likes.

She crys saying that she wants crackers. Then shes crying because your giving her crackers. I can’t figure her out right now. Toddler hood is a test in patience.

I’m not going to say that this is my least favorite phase, because I’m pretty sure every phase has been my least favorite. Except of course the unprovoked kisses and hugs phase. Wasn’t that one supposed to last forever?

What do you do during these fun phases? What has your kiddo/s been up to?

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