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Several months ago I had a bad experience making my own dishwasher detergent. I followed a this video. The first two washes were amazing. Every subsequent wash after that left more and more of a white film on the dishes.
It seemed to fit the mineral build up description. You can see it in the photo and let me know what you think. Adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle did not help, nor did refilling the jet dry. So I gave up and decided home made dishwasher detergent was not for me.
Any ideas on getting rid of it? It is also on glasses, and makes me feel like they are dirty. (Even after hand washing)
After this experience I then tried to make my own dish soap. I used Recipe #3. I should have suspected from the line “shake before using” that I was not going to be happy with it. The shavings never really completely melt. I even started with warm water, because I am impatient, and I thought it would kick start the process. I can’t really say whether it did or not, but I can say that a month later there were still white flakes. So as you can imagine this also did not work for me. Ugh … home made soap replacements just seem to not be my thing.
Well why then do you ask did I go on to try making my own laundry detergent? Because it’s expensive to buy! I’m cheap … I mean I like saving money.

Two weeks ago I followed this blog post and made my own laundry detergent. I omitted the Oxi Clean and the Purex crystals because I would like to use this to wash my cloth diapers in and extra chemicals are bad.

First I tried to shred too much Fels-Naptha too fast in my food processor. So some shreds are really long and some of the soap melted. Other than that? IT WORKED! My laundry came out clean. I mean to random shaking, or white build up (haha). I will continue to make it. I tested it on the worst laundry of all … the diapers. No complaints.
Just like the original poster I can’t say the exact cost of this. I already had Borax from the dishwasher detergent, and I don’t know how many loads I will get out of it. (Nor do I think I can keep track)
This almost makes me want to try dishwasher detergent again, almost.
Do you make your own detergents or soaps? What works for you and what doesn’t?
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2 Responses to 'Home made detergent'

  1. Gish1973 says:

    Use a product called LEMMI SHINE with every load in the dishwasher. No more white crud EVER! And gets rid of the white crud alread on the dishes too. Stuff is amazing.

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