Hand Made Valentine

The supplies

Last year we started a tradition of making Daddy’s valentine. I do not want this holiday to be about extravagant gifts and spending a lot of money. So we make his card together. We do get him something else but we’re talking not to exceed the $25 range. Not cause were cheap, well I am, but not to go over board.

K1 learning to stamp

These are the results of valentine making this year. First K1 is not very good at stickering or stamping. She’s a crafter in progress really I swear. The only thing we actually bought to complete our valentine was glue. I know right? Normally I use double sided photo mounting strips, but they are more expensive than the glue.

Lastly I am sorry for the super crapy photos! First daddy broke my DSLR lense for Christmas, next the battery died and needs charging, (try telling a toddler sticker time is over to charge a battery), third the second camera is traveling in someones laptop bag with no memory card …… all that means is the last crappy three photos had to be taken with my phone camera …. with all the lights on, while it’s raining.
You get the idea from them though. I love the back K Squared … from K1 and K2 hehe.
Happy Valentines Day!
Enjoy it however you choose to.
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