Happy Birthday To Me

Oh wait, that was Wednesday. He he.

 I had a pretty good day over all, even though I had to work. (Hah) The kids woke up happy, and for some crazy reason they were patient with me. I told K1 we were going to go get breakfast and that was it. Normally she stalks me around the house asking for a snack until breakfast is served. She did not ask one time. Strange, but good.

I packed up the kiddos and took myself to Chick-fil-A. They got to play, because the one near me has a toddler play place.

S surprised me with an awesome lunch (that I wasn’t hungry for thanks to breakfast). There were balloons, pretty flowers, and a nice card. It was really nice. The place was really classy too. I would share some photos, but I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t take any.

After a day of doing nothing I didn’t really want to change the tone. Having pasta ready in the fridge I still wanted pizza. We haven’t had pizza in forever. I could eat pizza every day. It has all my favorite things, bread and cheese. So pizza and wings it was for dinner. Which means dinner is already ready for today. Hah! Sometimes being lazy pays off.

While I didn’t go to the gym, or do any cardio, I still made some time for a few workouts. Yep I did them in my living room, after dinner, in my underwear. Whatever. They got done, and I went straight to the shower. With two kids of course.

I ended my birthday laying on the couch watching Fringe. We are almost through the first season. It kind of sucks knowing that the show isn’t on any longer. It was really fun to race through all the seasons of Supernatural and then watch Season 8 with the rest of the world.

Yes I will let you know that you read correctly.  No cake. My birthday was cake free. Not because I don’t like cake or wouldn’t have eaten it. Clearly when you review my amazing eating habits for the day you can deduce that I would not have refused eating any cake. It’s just that no one delivered any cake to me. I guess that’s okay. I’ll just go have a smoothie and another piece of pizza.

What did you do for your last birthday?


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