Handmade Valentines

And a tradition continues. Handmade Valentines for daddy. (I linked the last two years for those interested) We even made enough Valentines to send some snail mail love!


This may have been the easiest Valentine we have made daddy yet. I’m gonna give all the credit for making this easier to the table. Hah, but no, seriously. It makes a world of difference.

DSC_0001 (2)

Also noteworthy, I let K1 use scissors. That’s a big deal for me. I have been telling myself that I have not let her use the scissors that I bought specifically for her (note that they are purple) because of K2 always being too close. I decided that maybe that was a lie, and maybe I just, I dunno, envision her cutting her hair. Not that I am peticularly attached to her hair, it’s just, well, that’s what little girls do. You know, once they are comfortable with scissors. Cut all the things! “Mommy look at my new hair cut!”


The cards say “Love you to pieces, daddy!” Then you fill in the heart with “pieces.”



The hardest part of this whole craft was cutting all those squares, and waiting for glue to dry.



Yes both children got to use glue.



Provided to them on fancy Hot Wheels plates, left over from K2’s birthday party.



This went more smoothly than I actually expected. K2 did better than I imagined.



Having three containers of squares really helped out. No one was fighting over which one they wanted.



I thought that the tissue paper squares would be cute, but it turns out that the kids preferred the scrapbook paper squares.



Also I went overboard cutting squares and will have enough for next years Valentines too.



Stickers complete every Valentine in this house.



Thanks Grandma for the new stickers!



This guy. You should have seen the outtakes.


Do you hand make your Valentines, or are they store bought?


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6 Responses to 'Handmade Valentines'

  1. Kayci says:

    Your kids are the cutest! Sure miss having thrm around! Love you guys.

  2. Kari says:

    This year we are “making” some for Kassies class. It’s a long process… next year store bought with handmade embellishments.

    • Gwen says:

      So after all the hard work how did they come out? I bet if we had a whole room of people to cater to we would do store bought with embellishments also.

  3. Linda says:

    You’re welcome for the stickers! Their crafty card came out really cute! Love to all my Lakeside Valentines! XOXO

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