Not much excitement going on here.

I got my hair dyed Saturday. The stylist really did not know what she was doing, so that was fun. Oh and I am not yet convinced that I love my new color. To be fair I have not yet washed it, becuase that is the key to getting color to last in my hair, so once I have done that it will fade considerably. I less than amazing stylist did however under charge me. I actually walked out feeling like I robbed someone, however I did not do anything. She deducted the amount from my gift certificate and gave it back to me, that was that.

On Friday I made my way to the store for some produce. One of the things that I purchase were leeks. You may or may not know, but leeks are one of my favorite vegetables that I never knew existed until I had a CSA membership. So as I was sauntering past them I decided, yup, we needed some of them for breakfast. Now earlier in the week I read about growing green onions in a cup, and in one of the comments it said that you can do it with leeks too.

Friday I placed me leek purchase in a tall vase like container with water. Sunday I cut it off to use in my eggs. Already Monday it was shooting up. This is what it looks like now.

Super exciting! I can’t wait to get some green onions and do this too. I did read some controversy about nutrients and that you may or may not want to place them in soil instead of a cup of water, but then there is the whole “shock” to worry about.

Happy Wednesday!

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2 Responses to 'Growing'

  1. Elkins says:

    We have done the green onion and it works very well….

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Does it stop after a while? Or was it something you just didn’t want to do anymore? I read something somewhere that said something to the effect that they stop after a while, and I was just curious. I think this will be a fun planting project with K1 when she’s a little older because it grows so fast. I can’t believe it!

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