Great Cloth Diaper Change

Okay, so the big event was Saturday. First I will say that the numbers have not yet been released, however I am certain the record was broken. Last year the location we were at had 37 participants, and this year there were 65.


Our family made out like bandits. We left with two Fuzzibuns diapers, one changing pad, and two drop in days of day care! For our small donation to the RDA we made out.


Daddy didn’t actually think I was going to get up to go. He also was considering not going. I will not complain about the time. With participation from 12 (or 17 I can’t remember) countries, the time for our event was not that bad. It was at 9 local time. Imagine the mama’s in Hawaii? 6 AM their local time. I am afraid that I would not be ready for that.

This will be my last cloth diaper rant for a while. I thought that I would just add a few things that I like that were not my top 3 reasons for switching. 

First the top 3 reasons were

1. Save money
2. Potty train earlier
3. Greener, smaller carbon foot print

Other things I like/love.

When I’m out of diapers I don’t have to drive somewhere and wait in line. I just walked to the laundromat, or now my washing machine.

No rashes. No lie. DS is almost 5 months old and has not had a single rash. DD had quite a few by this time using disposables. I never blamed the diaper, but now I wonder.

I just thought I would throw out there a great idea I came up with. There are diaper services all over. So …

Considering cloth? Do a diaper service for two weeks or a month to test it out. This is not cheaper than washing your own but a great way to get started.

Or …

Know someone who is expecting? Gift a month of diaper service. New baby is already a lot to handle why have the extra concern of diapers (buying or washing)? That and some dinners will make new parents first month more relaxing. (Still sleepless, but more relaxed)

Later this week I will be posting a Tula review, woohoo.

I would also like to brag that I have moved into the world of woven wraps also. I am sure there will be more to come on those too.

Thanks for listening to my rant.
Happy Monday!


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