So the great thing about goals is that they are not deadlines. I mean unless you establish one there is no deadline. So I guess you figured out that I have not do well with the giving something up for Lent business.

#2 Cut out Soda not yet successful … 2 days strong!
#6 Cut out fast food also not successful … 2 days also

Yes 2 days ago I had Arby’s and it was almost as amazing as I would have expected. After not eating fast food for quite some time …. more than a week before my whole lent business began, it made my stomach feel weird and unhappy. I guess that is a good thing though.

I have been doing amazing at #’s 1, 4 and 5. Drinking more water, not starving, and eating more colors.

I actually did a work out two days ago. Like the kinds I did before K1. I am about to blow up the Yoga ball and try again. The cold rainy weather has kept me inside, so walking has been less than I would like.

All in all a work in progress and an improvement. Baby steps, baby steps.

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