Goals for a new year

Why hello 2013. How are you?

I just thought I would let you in on a few goals I have set for 2013.

I do want to say that I am not the New Years Resolution type of girl. Never have been, pretty sure I never will be. (but never say never, right?) That being said these aren’t resolutions. I needed to create a goal list regardless of what time of year it was. With the new year having just started, it seems like the perfect push to make it happen. I also kind of think writing it down, makes me more accountable to it.

In no particular order;

  1. Save, save, save, budget, budget, budget. In the last year we essentially depleted our savings. After having baby #2 I chose not to return to work. (or after so long they didn’t have a spot for me. Tomato, tomato.) Also, our car motor blew up the day baby was born. All that means we need to re-save now. This time the money needs to be split into three places. Shot term saving, (think weekend camping, or frilly new dress), long term savings, (In case stuff happens, or vacation in Hawaii), and wedding account. (pretty self explanatory) The goal really, is to have three months saved in long term savings, and 5,000 to 10,000 for wedding, short term saving amount is negligible. This is not realistic for one year, but I just want for us to be “on track”. 
  2. Try to incorporate more vegan meals. No we will not be giving up meat and dairy. (at least that’s not the plan) Eating a more vegan diet, has a lot of health benefits, and some cost savings. (see #1) Therefore we plan to try. I already often make 1 vegan recipe, so I want to increase it a bit. 
  3. Get in better shape. Okay, so I really want this to say, “Run a marathon”, but that is clearly not realistic, both physically and financially. I thought I was doing well going to the gym until the kids got sick. Clearly the kids will always get sick, so I need a better plan. A better way to ensure that I am focused on my own health. I am a typical mom in the sense of giving myself away and keeping nothing for me. I would like to work on that through my fitness. I think I can get up at 6 each morning and take the dog for a jog, working up to 3 miles. Don’t worry, I won’t get ahead of myself, I have only done this once. In my own defence, I just thought of it yesterday, while sitting on the couch eating breakfast.
  4. Find a part time job. Part time job will greatly help with #1. It would likely all go into our wedding account, or 90%, but is greatly needed. I have been applying to places sporadically since August. I really think that my availability is an issue, for retail places. 
  5. Complete two college classes. I would like to become a PTA. Yes, it has taken me my whole life to figure out something I would enjoy enough to take classes for. I have already signed up for one class the coming spring semester, and I am on the waiting list for another. I ordered my books, but have yet to pick them up, thanks to sick kiddies. This goal is assuming that I complete the one I am registered for and one more either in the summer or fall. I think I can, I think I can. 

What goals have you set for yourself or your family? Do they look anything like mine?


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One Response to 'Goals for a new year'

  1. Elkins says:

    Way to go on the goals! Mine are 1. Saving since I have NONE! We are doing this 52 Week Money Challange that helps you save a little each week and end up with 1378 in Saving at the end of the year. We are going to double the amounts each week.

    2. Reach 100 pound weight loss this year…It’s only 50 more pounds:)

    3. Do more Service for others!

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