Getting Ready for St. Patricks Day!

The reason to be GREEN is here again. You know St. Patrick’s day. I love this holiday. Maybe because I am Irish, and from a very Irish city. (like my great grandma came straight off the boat, from Ireland) I grew up on the parade route in Holyoke, MA, which according to this website ranks 7th best St. Patricks Day parade, and boasts 2nd largest in the US. So yea, for me it’s kind of a big, fun, deal.

Oh yea, we grow these here. 

As a kid we never had any leprechaun tricks, that was never really my mom’s style. I really love it though, it’s super fun. I have no idea what I will come up with this year. Pretty sure we will figure it out Saturday night. We’re cool like that and plan ahead and all.
The kids and I will head out and off to meet a friend at the local St. Patrick’s day parade. I love the parade, and so did K1 last year. Even though it was raining, she still loved it. Fortunately this year there will be no rain, woohoo!
Last year I went all sorts of crazy and had Irish food for a week. (here were my results)It was really super fun, and I will do it again, but not this year. Sunday I will just be making, plain Jane, good old, corned beef and cabbage. I prefer bangers and mash, but still love corned beef and cabbage. I normally make it a few times a year, but have not made any since last year, so it will be extra special.

What are your St. Patrick’s Day plans? Have any great prank ideas your willing to share?


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