For a laugh

Late this afternoon there were a few kids kicking a soccer ball around down our narrow walkway. At one point the soccer ball attacked our super tiny charcoal grill, knocking it over and spilling the contents everywhere. The boy who did it, tried to clean it up, and in the process knocked it over again. Then his mom came to finish the job he couldn’t. I came outside and told her she didn’t have to worry about it because we were grilling for dinner tonight and we could clean the ashes up then.

She was not at all chatty.

This should have alerted me. Oh well, it didn’t.

So when S came home and went to start the grill for dinner, he discovered that the grill was broken. Not really a big deal because it looks like it’s rusted out where the foot broke, and seemed like it was just a matter of time really.

Off to the hardware store he went to create a way to repair it.

While he was gone the people who live directly behind us sounded like they were arguing. For some reason, in my little head I thought they were going to be talking about how the other neighbor knew they broke the grill and didn’t want to say anything.

Yeah I’m off my rocker sometimes.

Never the less, this lead to me clearly deciding to eavesdrop on their argument. I consciously decided that was what I was going to do. I got close to the vertical blinds that were closed and turned my head to listen. Simultaneously my DD pranced into the kitchen.

I should have known what would come next.

She’s sees me listening to something, but not the something I was listening to. So what does she do? Bursts the blinds open and says “What is it?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I said to myself that if I didn’t want someone to know that I was listening to them, that I shouldn’t be listening, and went on to wash dishes.

Seriously though, they would never have known a thing about a grill anyway. I love how tgat tiny little lady can ground me sometimes.


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