Finally my Final

In my childhood I got to perform often. Band, gymnastics meets, church choir.


Then in high school there were basketball, volleyball, and softball games, and school choir, complete with solos.


As an adult my only “performances” were training classes at Home Depot, conducting morning meetings, and weekly sales meeting as a manager. Not so exciting. Last semester I had to give a presentation of my research paper, complete with a power point. That was the first time I ever made a power point I might add, and I aced it.


So I guess I have been waiting for the next opportunity to perform. Insert ASL final presentation. Feel free to take a look. I asked a class mate to record it for me, so I apologize for some of the focus issues.


I was so excited, and proud of myself. I didn’t make any mistakes! Oh, and my song was the most upbeat and fun of the night!

What do you think? Did it make you smile?

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