Easy Elephant Craft



This is one of the fastest and easiest crafts of all time. That is if you exclude the drying time.


Easy Elephant Hand-print Craft

Supplies needed

  • Paper for each participating child
  • Paint
  • Markers (crayons, or colored pencils would work too)
  • Love and patience


Ultra easy steps


Place a small amount of paint on a surface. I like to use paper plates, but have been known to use the lid to tupperware also. Just be sure it is larger than the hand you will be imprinting.


Place hand on paper, and do not wiggle it around. Be sure to guide your smaller little’s, because for some reason sliding your hand around on the paper is just more fun.


If you want a herd, do more hand prints.


Kids in the two and under age range need you to press their hand down for them. Other wise there will be paint everywhere, and you will have no distinguishable hand print to work with (and a bigger mess to clean up).

Elephant craft

Now wait while your hand prints dry. This step was the single hardest part for both of my children. Waiting. All parents know that the under 5 age set have yet to learn patience.


I chose for our hand prints to be done lightly so that they would dry faster. If your children are easily distracted, or more patient than mine then I would go a bit thicker and darker with the hand print.

K1 drawing ears

Once your hand prints are dry it is time to give your elephants a face. We used markers to draw in eyes, ears, tails, and some wrinkles on their legs and trunk.



Your children might want to draw their elephant throwing water or herself. Or they could even add a scene behind their elephants. Tree’s or water, who knows.


I wanted to use googly eyes for our herd, but couldn’t locate them. That might be fun too.



Ta da! You have completed your elephant! This is what our herd looked like.


E is for elephant!


I go this idea from a photo posted on an instagram account I follow. It was so easy I had to share!


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  1. This is so darn cute! Your kids look like they are having a blast!

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