Disney Days

Sometimes you just decide to bite the bullet and go to Disney.

K1 got to meet her favorite princess, live in person.
She even gave hugs to a few more princesses.
Shared birthday cake with a friend.

Hopefully while you are there something happens that makes you think it was worth it.

For us, it was our daughter turning into a dancing queen. I had never seen or heard of Phineas and Ferb before, neither had K1. Music and a place to break it down was all she needed.

Who knew that I could still hula hoop?
Trying to copy the girls who resemble girl scouts.
“V! You do it like this!”
This was not necessarily the best take with Lightning McQueen, but I love it. Everyone is too busy to look at the camera. Little girls are chatting about movies, a little boy excited to touch a car, and a daddy hoping he isn’t messing the picture up while balancing kiddos on knees.
One day in California Adventure was not enough to get everything done. Kids move at their own pace, and there’s only so much hustling and shuffling you can do. Either way the trip was for them, so we also had a “why rush” attitude.

K1 was upset. She was waiting in line for Lightning, except he was there, but leaving. I thought Mater was just as good. No mom. He might have been if no one ever saw Lightning, but now that we saw the flash of red go by, that is all we want. My bad.

I guess it really qualifies as “The happiest place on earth.” I am strangely already looking forward to taking the kids back sometime.

Have you done Disney? What was your experience?

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4 Responses to 'Disney Days'

  1. Linda says:

    You did it right — Disney at the speed of a child is the way to go! Excited for my next three trips — two with your family! XO

  2. Kari Starr says:

    Haha, I lamely just welled up with tears at this couple of pictures. Miss you!

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      I well up at these picture too. Likely for different reasons. I was so against the $$ for Disney, and then it was amazing. I miss you too. Disney World 2015?

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