Crafty Round Up For Kids


If you are a regular reader here then you know that I very recently adjusted my 2014 goals to include more crafts for my kids. It is always lots of fun for them and they are learning at the same time! This year we are trying to do at least one crafty project a month, besides your normal coloring or watercolor painting. Often times the best of us hit a slump and run out of ideas. With that in mind a few of my friends and I have put together a round-up of our most popular kid’s crafts. This way you can easy find a new to you project to complete with your little ones! We hope you enjoy. Oh, and feel free to let us know which one’s are your favorites!


If you would like to add your kid’s craft ideas, please feel free to use the linky form below.


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One Response to 'Crafty Round Up For Kids'

  1. I love crafting with my kids. Thanks for the new crafts! I think we will do the caterpillars next!

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