Christmas Season Traditions

Every family it seems has their own set of holiday traditions. Some have been handed down for years, and some will be started this year. When your family expands from two adults, to the addition of a child it seems the best time to find new things that will be your family’s traditions for years to come. Even though this is our fourth Christmas as a family with children, we are still finding what our traditions will be. We have some that we do already, but each year as the kids are better able to participate, and express opinions things change.

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Things we do that I consider to be traditions;

I word it that way, because it is possible that you already do some of these things, but do not consider them traditions.


Decorate the house – This is not a requirement in order to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season, but for us it is. We do more than just put up a tree, and I do not enjoy it alone. The kids love it. They love all the extra lights, garland, stars, and trinkets everywhere. In past years, as in every year since I was 18, I had to put up at least one Christmas decoration on Thanksgiving. Now that there is an early December birthday in our immediate family I decided to wait until after K2’s birthday to decorate. When he is old enough to know how he feels about it, maybe we will change it back, but for now immediately after his birthday we decorate.

When the time comes that we decorate the tree, we MUST listen to Christmas music. The whole time.


The ladies go to the Nutcracker Ballet – I just posted about this years trip to the ballet so I won’t go into huge detail. We go, we enjoy, we get a new ornament. Done


We get a new children’s Christmas book each year – I didn’t realize until this year that there are TON’s of Christmas book tradition suggestions popping up everywhere. Our tradition was created by me, from my brain. Not Pinterest, not a friend, not facebook. I started it K1’s first Christmas. We do just what I said, get a new book each year, to read, over and over and over again the whole month of December. Starting on December first, regardless of the December birthday.

I realized this year that in the future this may become a problem. Right now at 3 and 2 my kids love whatever book I give them, but as they grow and mature that may not remain the same. There most likely will come a day when they want to pick out their own Christmas Book, and I am already inclined to let them. I am okay sitting back and just watching how this works out in the future. I did run the idea by daddy of letting them each get a new book each year that we would hold for them for when they have kids or move out. Daddy is convinced they won’t want them. Either way we will see.


I hang a Christmas Pickle – My children were still a little young for this to really make sense to them last year, but this year should be better. K1 will find it, K2 will have no idea what is going on for one more year. For those of you who are scratching their heads right now, it is a tradition that is from Germany. The Christmas pickle ornament is hung on the tree on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning who ever finds it first get’s a special gift. This year I am thinking that gift will be a pack of stickers. I just think this is a very easy fun thing to do, so why not?


We go see lights – I know lots and lots of family’s do this, and you should. It’s free! Besides we hang lights for others to enjoy too, that is kind of the point. Just don’t be creepy about it or anything. Last year we did most of our Christmas light viewing bike riding. We packed up the kids in the bike trailer and headed out. If you live in an area where this is an option, do it! You can see so much better from a bicycle than you can from a car. We even went to a neighborhood parked our car and walked to see the lights. Also nice and I recommend it. It make a small neighborhood seem much larger taking up more time. Also the kids and stand and stare at their favorite display even longer without the added pressure of the car behind you.

Just so you know how serious we are about lights, S proposed to me while we were viewing lights bike riding.

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Everyone get’s new pajamas they open on Christmas Eve – This tradition came from S’s family. I guess we do it a little differently, but it was his family’s tradition. Mommy and daddy get each other a new pair of pajamas, and the kids get a new pair of pajamas for each other. This could get really entertaining in the future.


We do lot’s of other things throughout December, but I wouldn’t call them tradition. It isn’t make or break for me if they get done or not. I like it that way. I would hate to have so many traditions that one busy year they will overwhelm me and therefore be a hindrance.


You’ll notice that decorating sugar cookies is not on this list. No way. They are a disaster and I am an adult, never mind kids. I hate making sugar cookies, all that rolling and rolling and more rolling. We will bake and eat cookies all season long, just not crazy decorated ones.


You will also notice gingerbread house making does not make the list. Yes we did one the last two years, but it’s not critical. I also love not making this a tradition because if someone else is crazy enough to do this with the kids, I will let them.


What are some of your family’s holiday traditions? Or which is your favorite holiday tradition?

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