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Wedding Planning is in Full

Did you think that I forgot about the whole us getting married business? Well I didn’t. I did however, put it on hold indefinitely. S over here is ready. Really he just wants to wear his ring. So he would like to just go down to the court house and “git’r done.”


Well, somewhere in the last two days I decided to start planning.

The Gemini Mama wedding photo site


That rock under the tree is very large. I would love for S and I to have a picture taken together there. Also a family shot there too. Either on our wedding day, or just for a photo session.


Yesterday we went to 3 possible wedding sites. The location the above photo was taken in, is our back up plan. The side of the park that faces the mountain is beautiful, but the rest of the park is pretty flat. That means that on a busy Saturday it will feel like all the park goers are part of our event. It is a large park, but there was also no ideal location for the size of our event.


I’m not sure if you can tell, but I am saving the best pictures for last. Also just a note, these photo’s were just taken with my camera phone. I didn’t realize that in going to check out sites I would want to take any photo’s. Turns out I wasn’t prepared. So you know I kept the photo’s raw, and did zero photo editing. These are some beautiful places.


This photo is from our second choice location. This would be the walk that my bridesmaid and I would walk down to a gazebo for the ceremony.


I loved the little rock bench. It could be a great place for guests to take pictures!



When you do a 180 from the previous photo, this is the view you are greeted with.


Now the next photo, is what actually got us all out of the car to look around.



My initial thought was “I wanna get married on that bridge, with our guests standing down here on either side of the creek.” I thought it was so picturesque S, myself, and the wedding officiant. Event with our modest guest list there wouldn’t realistically be room for everyone down below the bridge. Which cut this idea out, but how pretty. If for some reason this ends up to be our wedding location I will for sure have a whole photo session on this bridge. Even if it’s just my phone and I.


With all the wedding talk the last two days K1 decided to inform me the number of guests I may invite. She told me, that I am allowed to invite 31 people because I am 31. At first she said 21, and I was gonna let it go, but I felt we weren’t going to get up to enough guests for our party, so I reminded her of my age. K1 also said we could invite 3 people for her, because she is three, and two for K2. After asking me for Scarlet our dogs age, she said we could invite 7 people for her. She’s so sweet, isn’t she? Too bad Scarlet will not likely be attending. Then K1 remembered daddy and said we could invite 30 people for him. Good thing, cause we would have had to cut some people off our guest list.


K1 is most excited because she know’s it’s a “party.” This girl. I love her, and her sweet little heart.


Well for two days planning, pretty sure we have our site selected, and it is available for the date we are considering. We are going back tomorrow to verify the location will work for us. We have selected a caterer, and they are also available on our tentative date. Once we have validation on our date we will book the caterer. I am fairly set on a dress, but will go try on a few next Thursday, if things (read “life”) all go well. Our rings were purchased several months ago, so we are off to a great start!


Next thing to tackle will be invitations

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