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A brief-ish update

Hi everyone! I know it has been quite a while since I have taken the time to sit down and write. I apologize for that. Life was busy and I gave it all the time I had. Now things are much more calm, and I will return to regular blogging. What you missed while I was gone?


We bought a house! Which is exciting, and exhausting! Exhausting because of all the remodeling we have done, and are still doing. We completely remodeled our teeny tiny kitchen. It is/was so small the listing real estate agent couldn’t get it in one photo. The refrigerator also doesn’t fit, so we have it in the dining room.


Tearing down the wall.


Tearing out the cabinets.


Installing new cabinets and counter-tops.


90% complete, and real life …. my kitchen is messy. In my defense it is 91″x 94″, so two dirty dishes and it looks messy all over again.


After we finished with the kitchen we decided to tear apart our back yard.


Removing a make shift retaining wall.


Then we had to remove 7″ of soil.


Naturally as major home repairs go, this project was not without set backs. Hello flat bobcat tire!


The almost finished product. We still have a bit of filling in to do, and grass to seed. Still this patio is fully functional, it does need more shade though.


As well as the home projects we got married at the end of September. Yay!




There was a lot of DIY, love, and help to make our day possible. I am thankful for all of it. I am also thankful that it is over. I think buying a home and getting married in the same 6 months, might have been crazy. I still have to write out thank you cards. By still have to write them out, I mean I still need to order them. I will get it done, I promise.


This weather really make me want to knit all the things. Maybe I can write a thank you card for each row that I knit? Oh right, after I order them, that is!


Hope your week is off to a lovely start?


What exciting things have you been up to?

2014 Goals

I have a confession to make.


I am not sure the goals I listed for 2014 are challenging enough.


That being said I have revisited my list and made a few updates that I am sharing with you here. Why? Because I think that it will make me more accountable if I put it out there like this.


Goals for 2014

The updates from my previous post are in green.


  • Save, again – Last year we did save some, but things happened and we had to use it all for various things. At this moment we have a teeny, tiny, savings. We need to work on that. Get back to where saving was second nature.
  • Continue working towards a healthier body – both through diet and exercise. We don’t eat terribly, but we still could eat better at times.
  • Plan a wedding – did you think I forgot about this? Well, I didn’t.
  • Get more organized and focused on home schooling – yes K1 is only at a preschool level, but if I want to seriously consider hybrid homeschooling for kindergarten then I need to get a better handle on things today, while it is still easy.
  • Knit something for myself – I enjoy crafting and knitting in particular, but I hardly make anything for myself. The cardi I knit for myself is not really wearable. It is much to big now. I am considering pulling it all out and reknitting it in a smaller size, but not sure it’s a great idea.
  • Wear more dresses – my daughter is a girly girl. Inside I want to dress nice more often, but it seems so easy to just put on jeans and a T-shirt that I often don’t even try. When I was a manager skirts and dresses weren’t even an option, so my closet is full of dress pants and polo’s. Not very feminine. I want to try and make a change. There was a dress in a store window that I was eyeing and K1 said “I can’t wait to get bigger and wear a dress like that.” She is not even four yet! However, it made me think I should go for it, just a little more than I do now. Besides putting on a dress, all that has to match are your shoes. Easy, right?
  • Do one craft a month with the kids – this is a minimum. I need to focus on a monthly goal so I decided one was a good number for our life right now. Some months we might do more, but hopefully never less.
  • Make a once a month date night happen – I’m not sure there is much to explain for this. Not necessarily all out and about, but if it’s a date night at home I want to make it special somehow.
  • Make a once a month “Mommy” day – I’m not big on taking time for myself, and I want to do better. So I need to make plans and do something without the family every now and then. You know, so that I can remember that I like me.
  • Complete one of my own crafts a month – I like crafting things too! For our home, for friends, for Christmas gifts. I want to start all that early so I am not cramming it in at the end of the year.


I think that is a more challenging and accurate list, don’t you?


What are your goals for 2014?

Another Week in Photos

Here we are, Friday we meet again.


Friday’s are a great time to sit down and look back at the week. Make mental notes of moments that we loved. The ordinary. It’s easy to share the extraordinary, but somehow the ordinary is different. Even still it is the ordinary, every day things we do, that make up our life, and our children remember.


So this is why I do this post on Friday’s. This is why I make it a point to take silly, plain Jane photo’s, and share them on instagram.


Let’s look back together, shall we? If you do a similar wrap up post of your own, I would love to read it. Link it to me in a comment and I will check it out, promise.


This is a picture of the first pocket hole I ever drilled. It wasn’t really that momentus a moment, but it was …. if you know what I mean. It was pretty cool, and people outside of furniture makers look at you like your crazy wen you say “pocket hole.” It’s like a foreign language, so now I feel like I am in the club. Also, it’s super easy. The tools pretty much do all the hard work. Shhh don’t tell.


That first pocket hole, led to making the kids a table in under two hours. The living room was cleaned up, and table completed, all before I went to work. It does still need a few coats of paint, but that can be done at night while kids sleep.


We followed another Ana White plan for the table. This plan is not without flaws. She did not include measurements for pocket hole placement, which is not completely necessary. However it is important when you get to attaching the legs. We had to take them apart and reposition them because the screws hit each other in the corner. We placed everything based on how they “appeared” in the photo, but in the end did our own thing.


Next we will be making on of these $4 chairs.


We received some happy mail when we weren’t expecting anything.


We went from expecting nothing to this;


Fun times were had by both sick children. It definitely made a sick day at home more fun than ever.


New table in action. K1 really enjoys painting. She always has, but is has been difficult to do when K2 was awake. Now, with a new table? Boom! I even let K2 try watercolor for the first time. He painted the paper with mostly water, got bored and got up to go play by himself. It was awesome, because there was no crying, no stolen paintbrushes, no dumped water, and no fighting over space. K1, got to paint both sheets, and I busted out the watercolor set for her to have more colors to choose from.


Instagram is actually where I have seen this done to a mango before. Before Wednesday I had never tried this. I should have done this sooner, it is so easy! I will never peel a mango again. Wednesday morning I had three mango’s on the counter. Today I have none. I think I need some more mangos.


Also if you are just stopping by this week don’t forget to go and enter into my little handmade cup cozy giveaway. It ends next week!


What were you up to this week?

life rearranged

Another Week in Photos

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I’m a bit slow catching up because of the holiday.


Welcome to another week of instagram photo’s. Apparently I didn’t really take any, so this will be very light.


We finished the play kitchen and even did a little reveal for you. Actually the kids have yet to see this still. They will walk in to find it soon. I really can’t wait. There have been a lot of slip ups along the way accidentally talking about it with the kids around. Thankfully they are still young enough that it doesn’t really matter. These are good practice years for the future.


There is a small problem with hot chocolate packets and the Keurig. The packets are each to be mixed with 6 oz of water. Keurig has 5.25, 7.25, and 9.25 options. I decided on two packets, and two 7.25. The mug is very full. To the brim, perfect. It just leaves no room for extra marshmallows.


Blood orange juice.


The blood oranges looked so tasty at the store that I had to have them. I thought they would taste different than regular oranges., and they did. They were very juicy, and most of these ones were red all the way through. No orange inside at all. They were a little more tarty than regular oranges, if your curious.


The grandparents took the everyone to a movie the day after Christmas. We got to see Frozen. This was K2’s first movie in a theater. He did surprisingly well. Better than K1 did at this age, but that might be from our experience as parents. When I took K1 to see Cars 2 in the theatre I didn’t realize that there were 20 minutes of previews, so I basically wasted a bunch of her patience. Halfway through the movie we were walking the aisles. This time with K2 we stayed out of the theater until the movie was starting. We also got popcorn, and had a whole row that the kids could walk around in, from family member to family member. It all worked out really well.


Side note; I don’t know what is happening to me in my old age, but Frozen made me cry three times. Oy. Also Rio 2 is coming.


Well that was all I shared, I told you it was short.


What were you up to?


Merry Christmas

For us Christmas is a lot of things. For today Christmas is about …

Christmas Card 007


Choaking out your sibling in the cutest way possible, making it look like a hug.

Christmas Card 028


Fighting for the best spot in the photo.

Christmas Card 085


Most of all Christmas is about sending cheer.


From our family to yours, merry Christmas. Hope that you have a lovely day!

Letter of the week C

With all the holiday preparations, we skipped one week of letters, and did C last week. Realistically we didn’t accomplish much with the letter C, but I tried.

C 005


We didn’t get a ton of books from the library because they weren’t going to arrive in time.


The kids favorite was Choo Choo Clickety-Clack! It was very similar to Down by the Station which my kids already love. Choo Choo Clickety-Clack might be one that we need to add to our library at home.

We also read The Caboose Who Got Loose (Book and CD). This book actually seemed a little long and included words that were good for my 3 year old to hear, but were a little advanced for her.

And lastly Circus Caps for Sale which kind of fell into the same category as above.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar was also on the Letter of the week list that we are using as our guide. We own that book and I convinced myself I would bring it down stairs and use it, but that never happened.


Thanks to K2 left over craft supplies from K2’s birthday party we did another car craft for our letter C craft.

C 008

Thanks to this dollar store find and free printables the week wasn’t a complete bust. Although the letter C is a very easy one to learn to write.


We did do one activity this week using the letter C. I talked about the sound the letter C makes and words that start with the letter C. I asked K1 if she could think of any words that started with the c sound, and she actually got one right. Cookies, cookies start with C. While we have done this activity every week this is the first time that she caught on. Progress people, progress.


Apparently the letter B was the most fun so far, because K1 still tells me when she see’s the letter B on signs while we are driving around.


I think I’ll skip letter of the week this week, and maybe the next as we will be on vacation. I mean, even school gets a vacation, right?


Have any letter D craft ideas?

Sick Day

Today I am sick and miserable. It started yesterday, and I could hardly sleep last night.

Yet I still woke up at 3 AM and took myself to work. I came home wishing daddy could take a sick day so I could lay around and rest. I mean, I can’t even swallow.

Still, here I have been trudging thru the day. Daddy got the kids breakfast and cleaned them up afterwards. Then he came home from his lunch to deliver soup that we didn’t have at home. He also fed the kids the lunch I made them. He even changed K2’s diaper before he left. He has been a huge help.

All of this is to say, I don’t know how single mommy’s and daddy’s do it. Maybe they have friends and family nearby to help out, but ugh. It has got to be hard work. I know we all have a difficult task, but on a sick day, I feel for those who do it alone.

Just want to say that mommy’s and daddy’s,  you are all doing a great job. Even when you think your not.

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