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On Saturday we went to Legoland!!


When you are packing for Legoland, pack sunglasses, for everyone. cc


None of us had ever been. I had never heard of Legoland until I moved to California. It is close to us, less than an hour drive.


We received hopper tickets, to check the place out, in hopes that I would give an honest review.


I was excited to check out the Sea Life aquarium. I love aquariums. Before kids, S and I, took a few trips that were based on visiting aquariums.

PicsArt_1383446618568Cuties waiting to get in and check out the aquarium.


Well lets just say that the aquarium did not disappoint.


There was lot’s for the kids to do and see.

PicsArt_1383446971392Buttons, buttons, everywhere.


We could have even spent the whole afternoon just in the aquarium.



Finally we moved on to the Legoland park itself.


I took so many photos, we had such a great time, I don’t even know which ones to share with you.


The fist thing we did was, ride a roller coaster. It was K1’s first time! We’re in the third car back, she looks so tiny.


The kids even went on a ride together, alone, without mommy and daddy. They enjoyed it.


I was happy to find this download on the Legoland website that listed everything you can do when your two.  It was extra helpful considering K2 is not quite two yet. He wasn’t able to go on very many rides, so we tried to stick to the list as much as possible.


I loved that Prince Charming has a cell phone, also made of Legos, and it’s an iPhone. We saw him while floating down Fairy Tail Brook.


We spent a good amount of time in Duplo Village. It was great for both kids.


Most people aren’t this happy to be locked up.


Mini Land USA was great to walk through and look at. There are buttons here and there that the kids can press, which kept them interested and entertained.


Daddy and K1 also drove a remote control boat there. That was a fun new experience. K1 had no idea what she was doing, at least not yet.


I don’t believe that this is a year round exhibit, but we had to see Star Wars. There are too many Star Wars fans in our life to pass this up. Forgive me, because I am not one of those Star Wars buffs, and I’m about to say something wrong. That plane thing, yea I just said that, was cool. The back lite up and made noises like it was taking off.


Somewhere in Castle Hill they had this cool playground. Climbing and sliding, perfect for both of my kids (even though it is intended for kids ages 5-12)


Note to mom’s. Do not go down any of the slides in here, with your cell phone in your back pocket. Why, you might ask? Because it will fall out and you will lose it. Not that it happened to me or anything.


We wrapped up the day at Pirate Shores with a water ride. Daddy and K1 needed some ride time together. This ride could be why we are all still sick today, but it was fun.




I had kind of written off Legoland. I don’t know why, but it never called to me. Recently I figured it might be good for the kids to check out. Everything I had heard about it was that it is designed for small kids. After visiting Legoland, and having a great time, I was wrong. I felt there was something there for everyone, and now I want memberships for us!


They offer activities through their Model Mom club on Thursday mornings that my kids would both enjoy.


Although seriously K2 needs to sprout up 2.5″ before we go again, and next time I wanna stay in the Lego Hotel. It looks like so much fun!

Do You Know 511

As you might remember I went back to work part time more than a month ago. Two weeks ago I started working 4 AM to 7.


Wednesday last week while driving home my front driver tire blew out. It happened where two highways merge. Translation, no shoulder. I pulled off to the right, but I was sitting next to an exit only lane, on a curve. Not the best place to change a tire (if I even wanted to do that).


Sitting in my car considering freaking out I decide to call my neighbor. Why my neighbor? Because in September after an unfortunate incident with daddy’s phone and the pool S decided to turn his phone off. To save money.


My generous neighbor got dressed and went to wake up S.


While I was waiting for something to happen I decide to brave the highway and get my jack and spare ready. You can imagine my frustration when I only found 50 % of my jack. No way to pump it up, and no way to get the lug nuts off. Yay!


It was at this point, climbing into my passenger seat, that I noticed all the rush hour traffic on the other side of the highway. It would have taken S over an hour to pack up kids before breakfast, collect a jack, sit in traffic, only to get off the highway and come back the other way.


Cue commercial from my childhood. For real I remember these commercials playing often. A young couple, maybe 18, trying to change a tire on a highway off ramp and an 18 wheeler flys by. The kid gets back in and moves further down the highway. Playing in the background is an older sounding male voice saying, “risk your rim, not your life.”


I decide that is what I will do. A Short distance ahead I find a section of highway that is designed for servicing the overhead signs. Yay new highway!


After hunting through the trunk for a second time I am certain that I can not change my tire without another jack. I am considering the chances of a passerby stopping and having a jack, when there is a voice behind me.


I turn to find a man in a yellow vest telling me that he noticed I have a flat. He asked if I had a spare and I went on explaining about my jack. He informed me that, he has tools, and he is a free service. I got lucky, he saw me from the other side of the highway as he was heading to an accident (the real reason for the traffic on the other side of the highway).


I learned that San Diego has a Freeway Service Patrol. It is Sponsored by Cal Trans, CHP, and SANDAG. They patrol several of San Diego Freeways during busy times and they do things like change a tire, deliver a gallon of gas, jumpstart your car, and fill your radiator with water. The guy was a full service tow truck, so they might offer additional services at a cost, I am not sure.


I do know that you can call 511 and say Roadside Assistance to get their help. Had I known that I would have called, I’m sure help would have arrived at the same time, but I would have been a bit more relaxed. If you call after their roadside assistance hours they offer other options, so your not just stuck. Here is their website for more info.


This is in no way a sponsored post. I have lived in San Diego for 5 years and I didn’t know about this. Actually I never even heard of such a thing. I figured that it might do someone else a bit of good. It might even be possible that there is such a thing in your area, might be worth checking.


Have any crazy break down stories you wanna share? 

Oma’s Pumpkin Patch

And a tradition continues ….

005The first year at Oma’s. Daddy didn’t join this time. I didn’t know how much fun it would be, and really K1 might have just gotten hurt. She wasn’t ready for all the excitement just yet.

life 123Year two.

Not sure 115Year three.

Oma's 087And this year, year four. Yes K1 wore the same overall skirt for three years in a row. No she will not be wearing it next year. I’ll be on the look out for something new.


The kids love it here. Daddy does too.

Oma's 075Family favorite, cottonseed hill. The last three years this is where we have spent most of our time at Oma’s. Before the day is done there are at least two visits to this hill.


This year K1 tried “snowboarding” on it.

Oma's 009The hill of trucks. I tried to avoid this until after the hay ride. Mostly because of K2’s love of all things cars and trucks. I figured we would never leave this spot.

Oma's 012Oh yea, there are animals scattered here and there. You see a dairy farm in action on the hay ride, which is actually my least favorite part. Cows, chickens, llamas, goats …. there is even a petting zoo set up.

Oma's 026Hunks on a hayride.

Oma's 045

There is a huge open soccer field, with various things to do. Bouncy horses to ride, soccer balls, footballs. The first two years there was a disc golf basket, so naturally daddy loved it. I don’t remember seeing it the last two years.

Oma's 055But they added in these bad boys, so all is forgiven on the disc golf front.


She’s practicing her princess wave.

Oma's 058I didn’t actually realize that this was a family tradition for us until this year. But the kids have lot’s of fun, and we only go once a year. I love that it is cheaper than some of the indoor play places, and we can make a whole day of it.


Plus we get the hay ride, a bottle of water, and a small pumpkin to go home with too. Totally worth the money.


I know that they do something similar for Christmas trees, but while I wanted to go last year, I just never made it happen.


If you haven’t done so already go enter my giveaway for a $25 Visa Gift Card!


PS … this is not a sponsored post, in case you were curious. I spend my own money to go here every year. We just love it so I thought I would share for those in, around, or visiting San Diego.

Another Week in Photos

After working at 4 this morning I came home and went back to bed. Real exciting stuff over here.


We have an exciting day planned for the kids so I will be brief.


Wanna follow along? I’m GT4936 on instagram.


IMG_20131011_115716Another day at Balboa park. We are getting our money’s worth from our science center membership. The Navy was apparently doing PT. They were singing the whole time, and this little guy was stunned. All I could really make out what “Go Navy go!”

IMG_20131011_140922Grid locked at the Starbucks drive thru. Sometimes I treat myself after the gym, but it’s a juggling act. I don’t want either of the kids to fall asleep before we get home. I was lunch to happen first, oh and both kids to sleep at the same time. Lines like these do not work in my favor.

IMG_20131011_144519K1 is 3.5 years old, and has loved on this dog since she could scoot herself over to her. This day, she learned that there was a way to call Scarlet over and she would listen. End result, not napping. She was so happy that Scarlet listened I couldn’t even break it up. It was so sweet.

IMG_20131012_143053Christmas gift crafting

IMG_20131013_205634And more Christmas crafting

IMG_20131014_154655Questioning what to do on this Christmas craft. I want the pennants to say L-O-V-E …. just need to figure out the best way (I didn’t attach them yet).


It looks like all I did all week is craft but I assure you I did not. I did a bunch of crafting two days and none since I hit a wall.

IMG_20131017_113455I had another migraine Wednesday evening. I have hereditary migraines, and a few very obvious triggers. Thursday I decided to quit coffee for a while. I still took myself to Starbucks, I just got Green tea instead. It used to be my thing, back before kids, and coffee.


Don’t worry I won’t quit coffee forever, I need to at the start for a few weeks. Then later I can have it occasionally. Caffeine is a migraine trigger, so I should have it everyday. I’m kind of setting myself up if I do.


October is Bully-prevention awareness month, and yesterday was Spirit day. I shared a letter I wrote to K1 yesterday. You can read it here. While your there enter in my Giveaway.


What were you up to this week?

life rearranged






Fire Station Open House

Saturday there was an open house at one of the nearby fire stations. I found out about it in the morning as we were heading out the door to workout at the YMCA. I packed extra snacks, and planned to go after we worked out. I told the kids we would snack at the fire station, because I thought it would be a small event.

Firehouse 003When I heard that there was an open house. I thought that they would let the kids tour firetrucks, and look around the station, but not more than that.


Since my kids love firetrucks so much, I decided it would be worth going.

Firehouse 008We live close enough to a fire station that every time an EMT or firetruck leaves the station we can hear it. So they were really excited to see them up close.


The last time K1 was this close to a firetruck was last Halloween. This was K2’s first time!

Firehouse 018When we got there it was a lot more than just a few firetrucks to check out!


This is the inside of a newer CHP car. The back seat naturally.

Firehouse 027K1 was afraid to shoot the fire hose, but not her little brother. He loved it. When we told him that he was done, he was a little upset.

Firehouse 033Waiting for the K9 demonstration. Fire trucks everywhere.

Firehouse 053They did a drug search demonstration, and an attack command demonstration while we were there.  (I forget what it’s technical name really was) At other times during the day they used the jaws of life to cut apart two cars, but we didn’t get to see those.


K1 said that the black doggie, the one in the picture, was mean. As you can see he was the dog used for the bite demonstration. The dog that did the drug search was mostly brown.

Firehouse 055There was a bounce house for the kids. She hated it, can’t you tell?

Firehouse 066More firetrucks.

Firehouse 071

Firehouse 077In CA we have wildfires. (Right now it’s very dry here too) Well, we have an awesome team of people made up of  volunteers, that support the firefighters. The bring water, and snacks, and offer a cool place to sit inside this truck. We just learned about them at this event.

Firehouse 080Everyone loves kids in helmets.


It really pays to be flexible and spontaneous, because we would have missed out on this entirely.


Oh and because I love you here is a random FYI Fire Prevention Week is 10/6-10/12. (I looked it up) I bet there will be some fun firetruck happenings near you then! (I hope there are more near us too)












Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday!


I did much better this week at taking photo’s. Basically back to normal.


This week sure flew by! With daddy gone the last three days, I kept us super busy, so there wouldn’t be room for cranky babies. If you want to follow along I’m GT4936 on Instagram (there’s a button in the sidebar too).wpid-IMG_20130920_095215.jpg

Roar!! He came up to me and said “Mommy, help, on, peeeez.”


This guy is really popping out of his shell lately. It’s crazy when you recognize huge changes in your children. He has made some big advances recently. He tries to have conversations now. It is often the same question or answer over and over, but still he’s getting there. wpid-IMG_20130921_154150.jpg

They really are opposites. How many opposites in this picture can you find? And go!wpid-IMG_20130922_180149.jpg

A little last minute fall celebration.IMG_20130922_164035

Complete with pumpkins.IMG_20130922_181240

Cute kids, and grilled food. All before I had to work on Sunday night. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, by the lake. It is nicer now that my kids are a little bit older. We can do more spontaneous things like this, when people call last minute. wpid-IMG_20130923_120710.jpg

I haven’t spoken much about it, but I have been back to working out. Hard. Like before kids, hard. It really feels good. It is almost freeing, plus I get an hour away from my kids too.


What doesn’t necessarily feel as good? Working out abs and then trying to sit up straight on the vertical bike. Good luck Chuck. I have been doing this for a while, but for some reason this week I am feeling a lot of changes. I have been increasing reps this week, as things are getting easier. For some reason I just really killed myself on ab day.wpid-IMG_20130924_121711.jpg

Balboa Park. There is a lot of beauty there. Now that we are outside of San Diego city limits we don’t go as often as we once did. Sometimes I think it is good to stop and look at the beauty in the everyday. Or just be a tourist in your own town. I am sure there are great things here that I have yet to do.


The kids always want to play in this fountain. You aren’t exactly supposed to, but people always are. Maybe one time I will let them. This day we went to the Science Center.wpid-IMG_20130925_181016.jpg

How cute is she? Just when I think she has forgotten about a toy that she owns, she wants to use it. She came up to me telling me “I can do it myself,” except, she can’t. I helped her tie the elephant on and she played all afternoon, just like this.

Imitation is flattery, right? I love her.wpid-IMG_20130926_141235.jpg

What happens when the bubbles get dumped out into the water table? Well my daughter finds a sponge. And starts washing things. We didn’t miss the opportunity to let them “wash dishes.” They won’t want to do those things forever.


Totally not slave labor, and you then won’t have to wash their toys. Let them do it!wpid-IMG_20130926_141523.jpgTotal ham. And great lighting.


That’s it!


What were you up to?

Lnking up here (feel free to check out some other link-er up-ers);

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Family Night

As a parent on a budget I often struggle to find low, or no cost things to do. It is easy to go and spend lots of money, even when you have just a small family.  Being on a budget makes cheap family nights a necessity.


Out of this necessity, I created what has quickly become a family tradition.


Pajama Movie Night!

So what makes Pajama Movie Night special?


Here are our basic rules;

  • You must wear pajamas (adults included)
  • You get snacks mommy and daddy would not typically let you have
  • You watch a movie


I told you they were basic. Beyond that there is a little bit more to it.


You can get your kids snacks that are still healthy (if you want). I just try to give them things they don’t get during the week, so that they are special. You can see the inside of one of our snack bags below. The kids got Whales, Animal Crackers, and Veggie Sticks.


We try to get them a new movie they haven’t seen before. Think Redbox, a borrowed movie from a friend or neighbor, but really in a jam, any movie will do. Even that one they have seen 100,000 times.

Now that we are past the basics let’s make it even more special.


What do I mean?


Here in San Diego county for the summer they offer a series of free movies in the park. For us that would qualify for a pajama movie night. We take blankets and pillows and lay in the grass.


Our very first Pajama Movie Night was actually at the drive in, with our Jeep. Back seats laid down, blankets and pillows every where, and fun snacks.


Now, however, most of our Pajama Movie Nights are at home. I still make it different from the every day. I take a few blankets and lay them on the floor. Collect all the pillows off the couch and beds. I then arrange them on the floor in front of the couch and TV. Lastly I let each child select a blanket and stuffed animal to keep with them for the movie.


And that’s basically it. Snuggle down, start the movie, and get your snack on.


I realize that this isn’t rocket science, but my kids seriously love it. The squeals and screams that come from the excitement after announcing that there will be a Pajama Movie Night, let’s me know it’s a hit. K2 calls it “Neno night” because the first PJ Movie night we did at home we watched Finding Nemo.


During the summer we did this twice a month, and it didn’t lose it’s charm. Now that the summer is over and so are the movies in the park, we will keep it to once a month.

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