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Another Week in Photos

I almost wanted to title this weeks post, “Just a couple insta’s” because that is what it really is. Sometimes the weeks go by so fast that my camera phone is just too far to pull out and snap a few everyday shots. I find that happens most when we are having too much fun. Which is good, and bad. Good because we are having fun, bad because without the photo I might not remember it later.


Any how I will get on with it.




I was trying out something a little different for this year’s valentine for daddy. In the end it was bright and cherry and fun, but did not make the cut. So I stamped it with a smiley and hung it on the fridge (where it still resides).


I realize now that I didn’t share my valentine for daddy with you all. I was simple and fancy all at the same time. Hand painted, hand stitched, fully equipped with a quote from Ghandi. It seemed fitting. Since I just came to this silly realization here are a few special non instagrammed photos;


In case you can not see it well enough to read, it says, “Where there is love, there is life” -Ghandi

Continuing along.



While daddy has been out of town training we have gone up a visited a few times. That means play time at parks we have never been to. How picturesque is this? If it weren’t so far away it would be a great place to get married. As nice as it is, not worth the drive.



This is cheating, but when I post a few days later than planned, because life, I can do what I want. I found this yesterday at the Disney store. Apparently they are coming out with another Tinker Bell movie in April. I am excited for the little miss. She will love it. I know this because she could watch all the Tinker Bell movies on repeat all day long. Also yesterday I also went into Target and they also had the Tinker Bell doll. She makes a pretty cute pirate. Okay, I admit it, I like the Tinker Bell movies too. They aren’t boring to watch, I get sucked in too. So new movie? Fun.


We had a Tinker Bell themed birthday for K1 last year, so now I am conflicted. I WAS planning on having a Frozen themed birthday since they LOVE Frozen, but now this. What is a mama to do? What would you do? I am planning on waiting a month as asking K1, but we will see what actually happens.


Hope you had a great week (and are ready for Monday)!

Another Week in Photos

Alas another week in this glorious life has slipped past. Well not slipped past exactly, because I enjoyed every moment of it.


Let’s look back shall we? I am GT4936 in Instagram if you wanna follow along. I’d love to follow you too! Leave a comment with your username and I’ll check you out.

IMG_20140131_115055This table has really made things easier! I really had no idea what I have been missing out on. Letting the K2 color so that I can work with K1 on writing letters is easy now. No one is fighting over anything. I love it.

IMG_20140201_174747Remember how I said that I was going to take time for myself at least once a month? Well can you guess what will come next?



During. Hair is cut already.




I went a little crazy. I have always wanted to add a few streaks of a fun unnatural color. Finally at the age of 31 I did it. I have to say it feels so good. I made an appointment for myself without feeling guilty. Then after I went and spent some much needed time with friends. It was a lovely night, especially after a week alone with the kids.



Another shot of the hair. I am trying to expose all the colored parts in this one. There are two sections of streaks. I love it so much I actually like looking in the mirror right now.



Okay, so with a grande iced coffee at Starbucks being $2.45 I can’t have it all the time. Not that I need to, but if I wanted to I couldn’t. When I was grocery shopping the other day I found this and decided to pick it up and try it. It was on sale for $3, so I figured why not? If it was terrible it wasn’t that great of a loss. Well it turns out that it is pretty tasty. It has a much lighter taste than Starbucks, but not bad.


Thanks to instagram I now know that there are other flavors available, and I would like to try them. I didn’t purchase vanilla on purpose. I just saw iced coffee and grabbed it. I’m thinking something caramel next.


Oh and if you were curious this stuff is daddy approved too! (PS totally not sponsored, I just tried it and liked it wanted to share, because when you’re friends that’s what you do.)


What were you up to?
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Another Week in Photos

Yes, Friday was yesterday. I didn’t miss it. I enjoyed it with my family. Daddy was home after a week of training. That means you get this update today.


I set a goal to wear more dresses this year. I decided that maybe some of you would like to play along as well. Hence the creation of #WearMoreDresses2014. If you are on Instagram or Twitter feel free to play along. Tag your photo’s with this hashtag, so we can follow along in the fun.


Here I am in the first dress of the year.





Then I wore my second dress of the year, AND went on a date with daddy. Look at me go with those goals.


We went the the Fit SD party hosted by San Diego Magazine. It was a good time, and much more than I had expected.



I altered one of our regular family recipes to make if vegan. I was unsure how it would come out. I am pretty adventurous with recipes, and I am confident in making changes, but these were some big changes. I was just concerned. My exact words to S were “dinner will either be amazing, or terrible. I’m not sure which.”



When the results came in, dinner was both edible, and tasty. It does not taste the same as the meat version, but I did not expect it to. It was good all on it’s own. Vegan Cottage Pie for the win.



Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the beauty around you. It is easy to do when you find this next to you.



Lastly, I asked you, my readers to give $1 to help the YMCA support low income families. I did, did you?


The handmade cup cozy giveaway winner was comment #1! Jennifer I’ll get your item out to you this week. Congrats!


What were you up to this week?

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Another Week in Photo’s

Hola all!


Welcome to Friday’s where, if your new around here, we wrap up with a look back at my instagram lovelies. If you would like to follow along I am GT4936.


Have I ever mentioned that I like handmade? When you consider how large family is when you look outside your own household, it get’s big, and can be expensive. We do handmade gifts for that reason, but we also enjoy receiving them too! This was one of our Christmas gifts this year, and I finally hung it up on the wall.


You can see birds from anywhere in the park. They are all over. Thanks to the lake, this is their home. I find it extra hilarious that we go to the playground and K2 just wants to watch the birds. Looks like they are watching him too, huh? He’s the one in the zoo! Haha.


We got to go on a fun tour through this place last Saturday. For those of you who don’t know it is a tree farm that uses organic practices. What made it even more special and fun, was that it started because of some birds. The owner started a tropical bird collection, and decided to grow trees to feed the birds fruit. Fast forward years later and you have a whole nursery.


It was really interesting trying some fruit that I had never tasted before, like papaya, but also trying some fruit I had never even heard of before. Longan fruit anyone? The kids also got to plan a guava seed in a mini “greenhouse” and loved every minute of it. (if you want to try it apparently guava seed sprouts are some of the most hardy. They can also live life in a pot, and you only need one plant to produce fruit)


Another week, another trip to the science center. In the time while we were gone they added a new exhibit! Guitars! I was more interactive than I expected and the kids enjoyed it. This is K1 using an amplifier. Kids and loud things? No, never.


And when you’ve had too much fun at the science center, you pass out before anyone makes it to the highway. Playing and making new friends is hard work yo.


I thought I would do something different and fun this week and have a giveaway! Since I love handmade the winner will receive a handmade coffee cozy. To enter just leave a comment on this post. Extra entries if you follow on twitter, and facebook. Leave one comment for each entry, and on the 31rst I’ll select a winner via random number generator.

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Another Week In Photos

Happy Saturday! I had hoped to write this post yesterday, but clearly that did not happen. I did however enjoy the last day of our family vacation. I am really not ready to get back to the daily routine, but the kids are. They are already asking to go to dance and gymnastics class. At least they like the things that we do.


Since this week covers most of our vacation be prepared to be bombarded with photos!



Grandma and Grandpa took us all on a Christmas train ride. Hot chocolate and cookies, along with songs and a story made for a great time. It was also the first time that either child was on a train. At first the trucks outside were more exciting, but slowly we got over that.


A pretty NorCal sunset.



Mommy and daddy snuck away for a day in Tahoe to go snowboarding. It wasn’t the best snowboarding of my life, but considering I went all of ZERO times last year, it was great! I am also sure that the kids had a great time with the grandparents.


There were a few fun playground play times on the trip.


Hang time with counsins or second cousins, which ever.


And then we drove out to San Francisco. It was the first time there for both the kids and I.


Silly daddy.


Mommy snuggles on Pier 39.


That famous crooked road. You know, as seen on the travel channel? Lombard St or something like that. Beautiful view.


I remembered that this was all set up when we left. The plan was for the kids to find it when we got home. Arriving at 3:30 in the morning, I hoped that the kids did not, see it. Why? Because the mommy and daddy needed to sleep.


The next morning was priceless. S’s family talks about birthday seasons. This year the kids had a Christmas season, and it isn’t over yet. They have uncles still to come by. So do I take down the decorations, or wait until all gifts are opened?


Proof that they like it! Since taking this photo I have already changed the setup of the play kitchen. It all fits together better now.


Next up, a table …… well soon.
life rearranged

Another Week in Photo’s

Hi everyone, it has been a crazy week! Mostly with holiday preparations. You know crafting gifts, baking cookies, going to kids parties, cleaning, and packing. For all of those reasons, and the fact that I worked a lot this week, I have been mostly silent on Instagram.


Let check it all out anyway …. also this is actually two weeks, but still not too many photos.


Oh, I’m GT4936 if you want to follow along.


This little guy is 2 now, and he totally fell asleep on me. This never happens anymore! The closest I get is him sleeping on my back in the carrier, so I was not going to more anywhere. I sat and soaked it up.





Tis the season for baking cookies, fa la la la laaaaaa, la la la la.  Peanut butter cookies, we even delivered some to daddy at work, and sugar cookies. Every time I make sugar cookies I say never again ….. and then I do it again. Yikes. These ones did not get decorated. I didn’t think there would be enough to decorate. At least the kids got to use the cookie cutters.



My cousin took S and I to the Buffalo Wild Wings soft opening, because he was able to get tickets and we got a sitter. Afterwards S went home and I went out with my cousins for a little bit. It has been a while since I have been out and about, but ….. I don’t remember this happening in nice establishments. Clearly someone forgot their drink, and it was only 9:30. Looks like a long night for them.



After a long night at work, some wine and cheese were in order.

IMG_20131218_153815Some early Christmas presents for the kids with friends. It was a nice day. We baked more cookies, played with new toys, and I helped a friend start knitting. Fun times all around.



Lastly this little piece of lovely arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to get a frame for it. The color matches so well with my holiday decorations, it’s great. If your curious this came from the lovely ILoveitall Etsy shop. (Totally unaffiliated) Monika has some really great stuff. This is my second print from her shop.


What colors do you decorate with for Christmas?

life rearranged

Another Week in Photos

Ahh … Friday, how are you? Me? Oh I had to work at 6 this morning. I know that is regular for a lot of folk, just not me. Not for the last 4 years. Now I am dragging. Anyhow, that is not what you are here for. Let’s look at a little of the happy this week, shall we?


Oh me? I’m GT4936 on instagram if you wanna follow along.
Remember this mug from my Mug Swap package? Well this is what it looks like when it is half full. It also looks kind of half asleep. Which was quite fitting at the time. I made myself some hot chocolate, complete with small marshmallows, instead of going to bed. It’s okay really.
First, for those of you who read my blog, and can guess who will be the recipient of this handmade Christmas gift ….. please don’t tell. You can however tell me, how you feel about it. Think she will like it? Don’t know who it’s for, would you like it? (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog. I’m actually convinced she doesn’t even know I have one)


This was the first time that I ever embroidered something, and I was pretty impressed with myself. I am sure if you are a professional then it’s not that great, but I am me. I was just happy I could write it nice enough. Nice enough being that I felt it didn’t look like a Kindergartner wrote it. I have pretty crappy writing.

I don’t pull this often, but it’s the season right? I put on a movie and gave the kids snacks so that I could make dinner.




Don’t judge.
And then there was dinner.


For the record, I am never making Vegan Mac and Cheese again. Why? I just don’t like it. I don’t want to eat it.


This time I added kale to it hoping that would make me love it more. It didn’t. I still hate it. Kale did however ensure that my kids, who normally can’t get enough of this, hardly ate any at all. Result, I will never make it again. Thanks.
We received this as a gift from a friend for K2’s birthday. The kids love it! Like they want to fight over it (why wouldn’t they).


I tried using it with K1 for some letter writing. It’s eco friendly! Terrible idea. She saw K2 doodle every where and she wanted to do the same thing.
Have you heard of Bitstrips? It’s an app, go find it. Thank me later.


I hope this one makes you laugh. It should. Or rather, it makes me laugh and I made it. Sometimes I’m silly.


What were you up to?
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