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The rest of April in Insta’s

Now that I updated you on all that yoga business yesterday, I figured that you might be interested in everything else. Well, by itself that is kind of a joke, but we can try anyway. I really meant it yesterday when I said that I didn’t capture a lot of random this month.


The Gemini Mama insta friday


In my yoga adventure I have dragged daddy into it a few times. He won’t tell you that he likes it, and will not yet go to a class, but I’m working on him. I want some acro yoga in my future. Who doesn’t wanna fly?



Impromptu beach day? Yes please. Sand toys are a constant in our car, and now so is an umbrella. We decided to stay nearby while daddy finished up at work, and a trip to the beach was the natural choice. Thank you San Diego!



Easy yoga stretch that is hard for me.



Hard yoga balance that is easy for me.



Kiddo who will handstand soon.


She was so cute. I wanted to have a picture taken so that I can see how deep into a scorpion forearm stand I get, but this image was the best. It makes my heart happy.



We went to the Grocery Outlet’s grand opening and they had face painting there. The lady did a great job on both kids, and K1 got exactly what she asked for. I have no idea what is with the hand placement in this photo. I just asked her to look at me, she did the rest all on her own. No need to say “strike a pose,” she’s on it!



Lastly yesterday. I was tagged on instagram to #strikeapose twice and I was finally getting around to doing it.


Did you see that? What? Oh yea I wore a dress yesterday. I guess talking about it the other day was enough for me to make it happen. Yeah for accountability! Also, join in! I wanna see all the pretty dresses. Snap a shot of yourself in a dress and share on instagram with #WearMoreDresses2014. You don’t have to type it the silly way that I just did, I did that so you could read it.


Was April good to you? What was your favorite part?

Insta April

Hello lovelies. I haven’t run away, life has just been crazy, and stressful, and mostly crazy. Just to fill you in …… in addition to all the regular every day, we are wedding planning (think DIY wedding), and buying a home. If all goes well we will be into our new house by June, but I’m not counting any chickens. Oh yeah it has a chicken coop too! Hah.


Anyhow, I told you before that I started doing daily yoga to relieve migraines at the start of February. Well, it turns out that I love it, I mean, I like it a lot. It’s sort of like the grown up, socially acceptable form of gymnastics, but it’s not, all at the same time. Weird I know. I was previously very close minded about yoga, and thought it was lame. Yup. I thought it was just stretching, and blah blah …. sitting still is not my thing. Naturally I thought that yoga was not my thing. Turns out I was wrong. My previous opinions of yoga were also wrong.


I liked it so much that I found an awesome studio locally and have been taking classes when I can. With my new found interest in yoga I sought out inspiration via Instagram. There are so many “insta-yogi’s,” as I like to call them, it has been easy to find inspiration. Instagram is an interesting place to connect with like minded people. The yoga family on there is mostly supportive, and you can find lots of fun “challenges.”


In April I decided to participate in one of these challenges. I figured what better way to learn more about yoga, and see more of what it has to offer then by doing? This is also why I did not post any insta-Friday’s during the month. When I know I “have” to take a specific photo each day I found myself taking fewer spontaneous ones.


Here are all the photo’s from the challenge.

The Gemini Mama yogaIMG_20140401_222123IMG_20140404_094056IMG_20140402_225305


There were ton’s of new-to-me poses, and some familiar things.



Some things that felt great, and others that seem as though they will never feel comfortable.


There were awkward poses that probably shouldn’t be done in public, and poses kiddos wanted to try.
There were fails (read face-plants) , and successes.


There were moments of struggle, and moments of cheesy achievement.


Yes there are only 20 photos there. The other 10 days I posted videos. While I love you all I will not be posting them here, if you would like to view them feel free to check out my instagram GT4936.


All in all it wasn’t so bad. I am not sure if I am stronger physically from it, but I honestly believe I am stronger mentally from it. I told myself that I was going to do another challenge for May, but honestly I think life is enough of a challenge right now.


I feel that I should also mention that I have not had any migraines since starting yoga. I can not say with 100% certainty that it is the main factor causing that, but I can say that I believe it is. Before I started doing yoga I had a minimum of one migraine a month. The migraine I had in January lasted three days. That is the longest I have ever had a migraine. If you are curious with how or what I started with follow to Mind Body Green. I spent about 15-20 minutes each day at first, now I do what feels good.


Have you ever done yoga? What is your favorite pose, and why?

Insta Friday

Because it’s still Friday, and why not?


If you want to follow along in real time I’m GT4936 on instagram. instafriday


Apparently I couldn’t even fake a smile or silly face for this. Not sure what was happening there, but reading and the vertical bike at the gym go together like Monday’s and coffee. This book was shared with me by my yoga teacher because I was asking questions. I am not sure that it answered any of the questions I had, but it was a good story about finding ones self, and I enjoyed it.

St. Patrick’s parade day in San Diego. We enjoyed ourselves. Not enough green tho. I think we missed a few spots.



Not staged, real life reaction when she discovered that we did not, in fact, capture a leprechaun. I know that lot’s of people do not have a leprechaun that visits their house, but you should. Of all the holiday shenanigans that go on throughout the year the leprechaun comes up more than any other. Sure all kids love presents, but Santa doesn’t hide them, and there are no games that make you think you might find him. I dunno, something about that little green guy really get my daughter going. She even remembered that he “pooped” in our potty last year. She isn’t even 4 yet.



Of all the coffee breaks I have taken my children’s lives, we have never had a snack together in a coffee shop. $10 on my Starbucks card made, and a long line at the drive thru made it happen. The kids were pretty well behaved and quiet for a 2 and 3 year old. I had coffee, they had water, and snacks. It was nice. I kind of felt like we were hanging out together. I will definitely do this again.



Yoga. Me. Pretty much every day. I have never, NEVER, been so aware of my body. I wish someone taught me yoga a long time ago. I would have been a better gymnast. Regardless, it is helping me to become a better me. I don’t feel quite as light on my feet as I did in my youth, but I am definitely getting there. After this photo was taken I decided to do a back handspring for the first time since having my ACL repaired. It felt good. A mom friend posted a message that day that said “Do something your scared of everyday.” That was my thing, for that day. Now to find something for tomorrow.



He woke up from his nap before I had escaped the room. When he saw that I was still there he got out of bed and laid down next to me. By next to me, I mean on my arm. Scarlet, my dog, took that as her sign to lay right behind me. Snug as a bug, I was going no where. Who am I kidding, I didn’t want to! All too soon there will be no more snuggles from my two mini’s.



I totally forgot that this book was coming to me, and it arrived just in time! I had just returned book the day before and had nothing to read. I’ll let you know how it goes.



When your home, and Wednesday actually feels like hump day, what do you do? Me? I make it sweeter! These were vegan brownie bites. Were because they are all gone now, naturally.



And when your beach day plans get ruined by both rain and vomit, you color with the kids. It just seemed like the best thing to do at the time.


What were you up to?


Insta Friday

Alas the weeks go by one by one. Often weeks seem to have been uneventful, but to the wee ones every day is a mystery. I am sharing with you those gems that we captured with just my camera phone. The every day. The mundane.


I’m GT4936 if you want to follow along.


Duplo treasures. Uncle J sent us a few random gifts after learning about Disney Legos and Duplos. We have two Duplo sets. We have this LEGO DUPLO Princess Ariel Undersea Castle, and this LEGO Disney Planes Ripslinger’s Air Race (affiliate links). About two months ago I bought a plastic bin with a locking lid for them, so that this kids could have access to them all the time without asking for help. Most of the time all I see them make are towers. Because of that, when I was cleaning up the other night and found this I was surprised, and it made me smile.


This was K1’s craftiness. I love her imagination, and I want to be sure not to stifle it. I try very hard not to offer suggestions when we are playing so that she will think for herself. I love when I get to see her creativity like this.


This freeloader surprised me when I looked forward in the car. This was not what I was expecting to see. Also being a girl raised in Massachusetts, who captured grasshoppers in jars, this thing is huge! Then we had a whole debate in the car as to whether it was a locust or a grasshopper. S was certain that locusts were completely different from grasshoppers. In case you are now curious Wikipedia taught me that grasshoppers and locusts are the same. The only difference is their behavior in large quantities. Locusts swarm.


Anyhow, seeing the size of this guy I now understand two things. One why people in other countries might eat these. I mean look at that size, I could see why someone might try it. You know, if your starving and all. Two, I can see now how when they swarm they level everything green. This dude looks like he could eat a lot. Oy.


A little more than a month ago I started doing yoga. It seemed to me that the frequency in my migraines was increasing, and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that yoga could help with that. To Dr Google I went, and found 10 poses that can help relieve the frequency of migraines and increase flexibility. Win, win.


After doing this for about a week each morning I started following different yogi’s on instagram. Then I discovered a whole new world of yoga. Honestly I previously thought yoga was lame and just stretching. We it is that, and more. I sought out a studio to take some yoga classes and have loved it. I started noticing differences in my flexibility after just one week. After I month I have noticed that I am waking up with less and less pain and tightness in my lower back. This is great!


At the end of our family hike Sunday we had lunch on this rock. I have now seen so many different yoga poses in different places it made me wonder how much more difficult they actually are. So here you have my first insta-yoga-pose. Dancers pose. Expect more of them. I think I am going to participate in a yoga challenge next month.



Last, my PSA for the month. If you are a protein supplement taking kind of person, avoid this. It is disgusting. Enough said. Your welcome.


Have you ever tried yoga? Would you consider it? 

Insta Friday Update

Happy late Friday evening to you. I have been trying to disconnect from my phone more the past few days. I get sucked in easily, and I want to spend more time in the now with my children. That means that a lot of the things that I wanted to do today, are only just getting done now. After 11 PM. That’s life.


Let’s take a look at what we did.

The Gemini Mama make your own happiness


“Make your own happiness”


I have had those words floating around in my head for a few weeks now. I am a visual person and I wanted to see them. So I painted them on some scrap wood from building the kiddos play kitchen.


Before you get to critical, when K1 was less than a year old I threw all my paint brushes, paints, and an art easel away. I thought I would never have time for these things again. While I don’t have tons of free time, I understand today how unrealistically I was thinking then. I didn’t know.


That means this was painted with multi purpose non toxic paint that I have purchased for the kids to craft. Also the paintbrush I used was K1’s water color paint brush. So all and all I think it’s okay. Maybe I will do a new one at another time, but for today this is good.



We started our leprechaun traps on rainy days here. I’ll post more about them later.

The Gemini Mama play kitchen


I decided to sit down at the kids table and play kitchen with them.


Peace reigned throughout the house.


No I am not joking. It was great, they loved it. They did not fight with each other. I had to take turns putting one of them on my lap. I really need to build another chair already.


PS even pretend ice cream is tasty. Check the photo again.



This remote control car was a birthday present for K2. On his birthday we was afraid of it, and ran, cried, anything to get away from it. So I put it up on the counter for a few weeks.


K2 pulled it off the counter himself the other day. The kids played with it for the next few days. On the third day I noticed a tiny chunk of plastic broken off. This made the antenna slide around a bit, but it still worked. The next afternoon the tiny hole was a crater, but it still worked. Then ….. well, see above photo.


Clearly he is no longer afraid. I actually think the car still works, but now it seems like a bad idea to give it back. Suggestions?



And while we are on the subject of demolishing things, K2 tore up Down by the Station again. This time I don’t think that Scotch tape and I can save it. It is now living in the bag with the rest of the recycling. Long sigh, because the kids loved this book.


What did your kids destroy this week? 

Last weeks photo insta journey

It has been raining here the last two days, and we are expecting more rain. I am aware that some of you are covered in snow, and you are expecting more, so no worries I am not complaining. Actually we need the rain. I like strawberries and broccoli, and apparently a lot of those come from right here in CA. So rain on mother nature, rain on.


All this rain means that we are inside working on our leprechaun traps!


If by chance your new around here, on Friday’s I like to review the last week from instagram. It’s nice. For those who follow along on instagram you get a little more incite into what was actually happening at that moment. For me, I get to see that the week wasn’t all coffee and crying. A reminder that there are happy moments in our sometimes chaotic life. I’m GT4936 if you want to follow along.



This week we reviewed a PetBox. After a lot of careful thought I let Scarlet have a few things from the box. She is fighting allergies right now, and her skin is not completely clear yet, but some of the snacks we received are allergen free, so why not? She snatched up the Aussie ear when I turned my back before I even said yes. Must have been good because it didn’t last long.


An evening trip our to get peat moss and perlite for my new blueberry plant, gave us the chance to see this. The sky was so pretty and confusing at the same time. I think that is a great way to view life too. Hah. That funnel shaped cloud was blurry like that in the sky, that in not a mistake on the photo. The colors were so bold, but there were a few different types of clouds in the sky at the same time.


Usually when the sky is pretty like this my instagram feed is filled with sky party photos. Not this day. Apparently everyone was too busy to notice. Normally we would have missed it too, but a last minute decision changed that. We actually stood in the parking lot and looked at the sky for a few minutes before heading into the store. The kids were really enjoying it.



Daddy was working on the Jeep. Both kids had to help. When I couldn’t find K2, this is where he was. Under the Jeep. He might give me a heart attack. Don’t freak out, he wasn’t under there very long, and this Jeep didn’t fall.



It was a day mixed with car repair, skateboarding, and scootering.


Side note: I know that he might be young, but I am pretty convinced that K2 would like a skateboard. I never skateboarded in my life, so this is foreign to me. He loves to watch big kids everywhere skateboard and fights to have a turn with this huge one. I bought him the pictured knee and elbow pads. I think my next trip to Target we will bring home a kids size skateboard. Now I need another set of pads for big sister, because they fight over everything. So maybe two skateboards. We will see.



All of my shopping the last 5 weeks, has been alone with two kids. We needed to go shopping again for random odds and ends that we can get from daddy’s new store. I remembered from my before kids days that there is a Krispy Kreme over there. Score! Shopping just got tastier. We don’t get donuts often so I honestly forget that they are a messy food, but everyone enjoyed themselves!


Oh, and her face? Priceless. She kind of just wanted the sprinkles.


What were you up to this week? Do your kids skateboard? When did they start? 


Just a few insta’s

Such a quiet week for me on instagram, but so much happening. Strange.



If you have an android device and you are not playing 5’s yet, don’t. I mean do. I mean I have no idea where your time and battery life will go. It is quick, fun, addicting, and free. I played a few games while waiting in line at the vet yesterday. Also 15,550 is my high score, beat that!

The Gemini Mama PetBox img


Scarlet got a surprise! Check back tomorrow to see what was inside.



This week is apparently doggy themed.


My kids lay all over Scarlet all the time. She doesn’t mind. She takes whatever they have to give out. Now that I no longer put up a gate to keep kiddos in the bedroom at nap time she wanders in. Then this. She sleeps right next to K1’s bed. Out of anywhere in the room she could have laid, she chose next to her. Awe. It sweet when you get to see little things like this. I know for certain that the love is not a one way street. With out these little moments I just wonder, now I know.


Scarlet is actually listening to K1 now a days. I wondered how long this would take. K1 is almost 4 now. Scarlet will sit, lay down, and go eat when K1 commands. We are working on her “giving kisses” to K1 when she asks, but that has been a hard one.


That’s it for our short week. What were you up to?

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