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Can a girl get in a work out?

I think my kids immune system has it out for me.

Yes I am slightly serious.

Every time we get back into a routine of going to the gym, someone gets sick. Then it is a month before we go back. One or two weeks, of working out, then a month off. This is not a great work out plan. It is quite frustrating. Just as I start to feel good, BAM!

Today we haven’t been in almost two weeks. DD even missed gymnastics Saturday. I kinda wanted to take her anyway, even though she is sick. I mean, she’s not fevering, or coughing, just a little lingering congestion. However never fear parents of the little’s in class, daddy had your back, and sickie didn’t go. Boo.

This time it’s just the plain old common cold. Thanks to hot humid days and cool humid nights. Last time was pink eye. Before that another cold, and sinus infection. Yes there was one more cold before that. All the way back to April. *sigh*

Next the winter will arrive. Well, the winter that we get here. With it a whole new round of sickness, yay! (insert sarcasm here)

I am sick, of my house being sick.

Today we were invited to attend a Fisher Price House party for babies 6-12 months. We will not be attending as DS is still all yellow boogery and all. Again I kinda wanted to take him anyway, but I asked to see how the other mom’s felt. They didn’t love it, so we will be home.

Sad face.

There is some good news in here somewhere. The grandparents arrive for a visit today. Just in time. The kiddos could use a distraction. Maybe the mommy could too.



So the great thing about goals is that they are not deadlines. I mean unless you establish one there is no deadline. So I guess you figured out that I have not do well with the giving something up for Lent business.

#2 Cut out Soda not yet successful … 2 days strong!
#6 Cut out fast food also not successful … 2 days also

Yes 2 days ago I had Arby’s and it was almost as amazing as I would have expected. After not eating fast food for quite some time …. more than a week before my whole lent business began, it made my stomach feel weird and unhappy. I guess that is a good thing though.

I have been doing amazing at #’s 1, 4 and 5. Drinking more water, not starving, and eating more colors.

I actually did a work out two days ago. Like the kinds I did before K1. I am about to blow up the Yoga ball and try again. The cold rainy weather has kept me inside, so walking has been less than I would like.

All in all a work in progress and an improvement. Baby steps, baby steps.

It Lent

Yes that’s right, Lent started Wednesday. We actually did not eat meat either. I typically do not celebrate lent in the giving something up not eating meat fashion. I mean, when I was much younger I would go to church or Friday and eat lentils, but that was basically it, I think.

To be fair I don’t give typically give things up, like, I don’t New Years resolutions either. When I was a kid it was just something I talked about. I never actually made an effort. So to say I sat down and thought about giving something up for Lent this year would be a lie. However this year I’m gonna pretend.

After having K2 I have had no motivation to exercise, among other things. I would really like my body back. So Sunday night I was reading through this site I pinned on Pinterest. Now it says to make a list of ten things to do. You can see from my photo that didn’t happen. My phone battery died before I read through the list enough to have ten goals, so I will add more to the list later.

So since I already had some soda I will say that I am giving up fast food for lent. I did start on Monday as planned. So far so good. Minus the little episode of a few oz of soda I previously mentioned. (Thanks daddy) It’s still an improvement so I’ll take it.

Do you something up for lent? If so what is it? Have any get fit goal ideas for me?

On a side note, can anyone tell my why it is that when I upload photos from my mobile phone into the Blogger app it does this to my photos? They are darker and have little squares everywhere? Weird.

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