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Not much excitement going on here.

I got my hair dyed Saturday. The stylist really did not know what she was doing, so that was fun. Oh and I am not yet convinced that I love my new color. To be fair I have not yet washed it, becuase that is the key to getting color to last in my hair, so once I have done that it will fade considerably. I less than amazing stylist did however under charge me. I actually walked out feeling like I robbed someone, however I did not do anything. She deducted the amount from my gift certificate and gave it back to me, that was that.

On Friday I made my way to the store for some produce. One of the things that I purchase were leeks. You may or may not know, but leeks are one of my favorite vegetables that I never knew existed until I had a CSA membership. So as I was sauntering past them I decided, yup, we needed some of them for breakfast. Now earlier in the week I read about growing green onions in a cup, and in one of the comments it said that you can do it with leeks too.

Friday I placed me leek purchase in a tall vase like container with water. Sunday I cut it off to use in my eggs. Already Monday it was shooting up. This is what it looks like now.

Super exciting! I can’t wait to get some green onions and do this too. I did read some controversy about nutrients and that you may or may not want to place them in soil instead of a cup of water, but then there is the whole “shock” to worry about.

Happy Wednesday!

Recycled garden

Aloe vera, some button flower, cherry tree and cilantro
Welcome to what I like to call my recycled garden! 

I have now had the Aloe Vera so long that I can’t remember what it looked like when I got it. It did start as a small potted plant as did the Cilantro, and Christmas Cactus.

There remaining plants have been grown from seeds. I went through this phase of planting the seeds from the food I ate. So I saved seeds and tried my best to grow them. I do have an Avocado seed planted, however it’s not much to look at right now so no photo.


So you can’t see it in this photo but this is now the third round with lettuce from seed. After this I quit and will move on to something else. The photo to the right is about as large as the lettuce gets and then it just gives up. After talking to a lady at my knitting group she said that she and her husband have a hard time with lettuce. Something about tying it up and forcing it to head.         Ideas?

All my plants are in organic soil, and I use organic fertilizer. No I do not go to a store and buy fertilizer. I use trash! Ha ha, no I don’t compost. Not that I don’t want to but it’s not ideal for apartment life. I use coffee that is not consumed, used coffee ground, used tea leaves, and the water left after steaming vegetables. I have only had one plant complain, Basil. Basil was not a fan of coffee and it went and killed itself … I mean I killed it.

So I will be making two of these in the next week or two and I could use some help. I want to plant edibles or herbs in the top row of both of these, the rest can be whatever.

What do I plant?

One will be in indirect sunlight all the time, but it gets fairly warm. The second one will get more sun and super hot. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Do you have an indoor/outdoor garden? Do you use your wasted items in it?

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