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Dance Mom

This is not what I planned to post about today, but you know,  life doesn’t go as planned.


Tomorrow I will become a dance mom. Don’t worry, I’m not getting all crazy or anything, she’s three. I am going to take K1 to dance class for the first time tomorrow morning. Just like that all spontaneous and stuff. We have been planning it for a while and finally got the last pieces to our puzzle today and I’m going to make it happen for her.


When she gets to dancing this girl is just a blurr.


She has wanted to dance for a while. She claims that she is a ballerina. I’m not sure how she even knows what a ballerina is. I did take her to the Nutcracker ballet last December. I never expected her to remember that.


Two seasons ago we watched a few episodes of So you Think you can Dance together. She we mesmorized. To the point that I actually looked at getting tickets to the tour show. Yeah $50 a seat for myself and a 2 year old, no thanks.


So somehow I just know in my bones that there isn’t going to come a day where she lays on the floor and says “mommy I don’t wanna dance today.” This is why I know that tomorrow I become a dance mom. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Only time will tell.


Just a note, I didn’t do dance. So basically, I have no idea what we’re getting into, but it’s gonna be fun.


Oh and three year olds tapping? Too.much.cute. I already asked daddy if K2 could take tap. We’ll see how that goes over.


Did you take dance? Do/did your kids? What was your expierence?

Another Week In Photos

I had a great week that went by fast. I hardly took any pictures this week I was so caught up in everything we were doing.


Here’s a look at our week in Instas. You can follow me on Instagram, I’m gt4936. …… you can also click one of my fancy new buttons in the sidebar to get you there too!


We didn’t have anything exciting planned after the kids dentist appointments so we chalked the sidewalk outside. Every time I write a letter for K1 she asks for more. It’s good tho, she’s hungry to learn.


Evidence of the dentist appointment. This time she did great! They were able to x-ray everything but her molars. Last time they spent so much time explaining everything to her that they got zero pictures.


We did the dentist with two parents at the last visit. This time I was alone. It actually went smoothly with just me. Maybe we are distracting in a less than helpful way? I don’t know, but this went nicely.


It’s hot here right now. Today will be 100 and humid lately too, which is not normal for here. Anyway the point is that I have all this hair only to tie it up on my head so I don’t overheat. I really want to chop it, but probably won’t. And I think it looks extra nice in the morning.


We get the Lego Club Jr magazine. It’s free. It comes for K1 and she loves it. She gets excited to get something in the mail, and have a new “book” to read. (At least that’s what she calls it)


You can imagine my surprise when our free magazine came with stickers.  I didn’t know until I turned around and found these two like this. At least they were entertained while I made breakfast.


We had a pool day yesterday and I did a little too much editing with an app, it was fun tho.


What were you up to this week?

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The End Of MugSwap2013

#MugSwap2013 has officially ended for this year. And I have to say that officially it was fun.


Fun was waiting for my swap partner to receive her goodies. I learned that we had a lot in common. Shopping for someone I never met in person was harder than expected, but basically I friend-ed a stranger whole heartedly. If you are curious I sent this goody box to Kelsey of PoofyCheeks.


Last Thursday I come home after my four hour class, walked the dog, and found this little brown box of love in my mail box.


I opened it up thinking that I should be off to bed, but the excitement drove me.


The best surprise came with a lesson I shared on Friday. I filled up my new mug and got a happy faced surprise in the morning. I sipped on my “morning juice” thinking about the fact that the person shopping for me did all the same things I did. My mug came from AMothersDesign, and she was so sweet to select this mug.


Now I have two new friends!


This was my first swap of any type and it was a fun experience. I am now wondering why I have never done something fun like this with my current friends? I think that would be even easier. I know them already, right? I might just pack up a little box of fun and send it off, just becuase. Maybe.


Did you follow along? Have you participated in a swap?


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Last Nights Midnight Visitor

My kids sleep in their own toddler beds in a shared room. K1 moved to her own room from ours, around 18 months, and K2 moved to share his sister’s room around 12 months. This is not a new thing.

I know that half of the country is preparing for fall, but here, it’s hot. Like over 90 all week hot. As in fall will not begin until the end of October here. To keep things cool at night without running our tiny AC all night long we put fans in the windows and sometimes leave the doors open.


Last night we left the doors open without a gate up.


Like the insomniac that I am at midnight I was still messing around with things on my phone. When I heard a rustle by my bed, I thought it was Scarlet, our dog. You can imagine my surprise when I turned to see a white blanket and K2. Since he can not yet turn the door handle this is the first time that has happened. Actually he pretty much always sleeps through the night, so I was very surprised to know he was awake, never mind in my room.


I pulled him up into bed, and asked him what was wrong. He started telling me about K1 and where she was, so I let it go. I thought I would try to get some baby snuggles in. It’s been a while since I have had a baby asleep on me, and those days are running by right now.


At first daddy was less than excited, which is odd. Why? Because of the two of us he is the most welcoming when it comes to our kids and our bed. Me? I can’t sleep when they are there. I don’t really know why. I end up pushed to the edge, falling off status, with a crick in my back. Usually after an hour of their presence I take them back to their bed. I am great at hanging out with them in their bed, so I make up for it somewhere.


Last night I was taking it all in stride. He was tossing and turning and kicking and chatting, but it didn’t bug me. Each time I thought he was asleep he would suddenly pop his little head up and start talking. Saying things like; big blanket, big pillow, feet, and oh no.


Just when I thought that S was going to disown me for letting this go on he put his arm around the little guy. Then in the midst of not sleeping I saw the sweetest little thing.


K2 held daddy’s hand as it was holding him.


It’s really the little things people. Sometimes those small storms in life are worth braving for that tiny rainbow to make you smile. Sometimes. I knew this was a precious moment as it was happening, which is not always the case.


Then 20 minutes later I took him to bed, and everyone slept, but it was a welcome invasion. (This time)

Right Now

This is happening on the couch next to me.

While this is going on in my bed upstairs.

I have to be quiet right now. So I have this fun little gem of a post for you, about me.

Making : Vegan Zucchini bread
Cooking : Pizza
Drinking : Beer
Reading: Nothing! (I finished Tanglewood Plantation II yesterday)
Wanting: Someone else to cook dinner.
Looking: At feet that desperately need a pedicure
Playing: Words with Friends and cars
Wasting: Money and time
Sewing: Hah
Wishing: We were buying a house right now
Enjoying: Nap time
Waiting: For my #MugSwap2013 package
Liking: My latest smoothie concoction
Wondering: What class will be like Thursday
Loving: My family
Hoping: To save enough for a comfortable holiday season
Marvelling: At how K2 sleeps through his sisters screams
Needing: A part time job
Smelling: Amazing!
Wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt. (Those who said yoga pants were a SAHM’s uniform lied).
Following: Some homeschool blogs.
Noticing: S helping out around the house lately.
Knowing: My kids are moving out of the baby phase.
Thinking: About how to sew a liner onto a knitted item.
Feeling: My toe wrapped in a band aid
Bookmarking: Recipes!
Opening: The door to peek in a K1 while she’s sleeping.
Giggling: At my cute little K2 when he’s being silly.
Feeling: Happy.

I got this idea here and thought it was fun, so I decided to participate.

What are you up to, right now?



That is how I feel. I know I posted about my recent mommy time, but not the same.

Yesterday K1 had her nap ruined by her little brother climbing into her bed during nap time while she was asleep. When that didn’t wake her he started jumping. She didn’t go back to sleep, and that 20 min nap was all she got. That made for a long day.

Daddy took the kids up to bed after dinner and some TV. By the time they were heading up the stairs those two littles had sleep written all over their faces.

After helping K2 upstairs and seeing if S needed any help I sat down on the couch. Content to play on my phone until S made his way back down stairs to work out. After 3 minutes passed motivation randomly struck me and I cleaned up. I even switched out a few toys from the cupboard under the stairs, took a minute to wish my not-quite-yet-SIL lived closer so I could pass some bigger baby items on to her, and sat down on the couch to read a few pages in a book before S joined me on the couch.

As pages passed I realized I was cold and that while I fed the dog, I had yet to walk her. I also decided that the silence coming from upstairs meant that daddy fell asleep on the floor waiting out K2 who recently moved to a toddler bed. (Have I mentioned that before? We did that like 3 weeks ago) I finished the book, (Secrets of a Shoe Addict was good BTW better than expected) and walked the dog.

I then marched upstairs and took an amazing shower. Took K1 to the bathroom, and proceeded to start a load of laundry. It wasn’t until I was adding the clothes to the wash that I realized how relaxed I felt. How nice the night was. I didn’t feel guilty. I wasn’t entertaining anyone but me. I did what I wanted to. Sure I don’t really want to clean or do laundry, but it wasn’t pressured and I’ll appreciate it later.

I have always been a night owl. When I was working part time after K1 was born I often came home to a sleeping household. Then I would do things like I did tonight. Maybe that is why I was less frustrated before, and more easily frustrated now. I am thinking that this is how I need to wind down. Maybe that is why I am usually still messing around on my phone while the rest of the house is asleep in bed? It doesn’t seem to have the same effect when S goes out on the town though.

I’m really quite glad to have figured this out, and for last night.

Do you enjoy the silence of a sleep house? 


Swim Lesson and an Under-prepared Mommy

Saturday K2 had his first swim lesson at the YMCA. It wasn’t crazy early or anything 11:15, and by some miracle I was awake before the kids. Well not a miracle, nightmares, but I was up. And that was about it. I was awake for about an hour before the kids woke up and in that time I took two sips of coffee, and one bite of grapefruit. I convinced myself that the swim bag was packed and I just needed to pack diaper bag like items. You know, snacks and such.

With snack after class on the way home

10:45 came before I even knew what happened, and I was trying to rush the kids out the door. I needed time to drive there safely, take K1 to child watch, and change K2 into his swim shorts when we arrived. Basic translation, I was leaving late and in a hurry.

While ushering the kids out the door I see the Pentecostals spreading the word of God door by door, and headed my way. Just my luck right? Well they were in the company of parents or saw my harried look and just offered me a postcard of information on my way by. Thank you for not trying to stop and chat, I appreciate it.There were no other mishaps on the way to the Y, and we arrived to child watch 5 minutes before swim class started.

While leaving child watch and heading to the pool I remembered that I did not pack wipes, and that K2 had yet to have a bowel movement. You just imagined what was going to happen next didn’t you? Cringing too I checked his diaper, but all was clear. (thank you again) Still hurrying I changed K2 into his swim suit and realized that I had not packed a diaper for after class. Thank goodness that I took the 5 minutes to put him on the potty before we left, because his diaper was clean and dry. Fiew!

I did pack lots of sunblock that we didn’t need because it was clouded over and cold out. That means the water in the outdoor pool, was also cold. While K2 didn’t complain too much about being cold, he wasn’t particularly cooperative with the class activities either. I don’t think he actually learned anything, he was just in the water. That’s okay, it’s a start. He did discover he liked jumping in, holding your hand of course. Those were his only smiles during the entire 45 minute class. Next Saturday I actually hope for sun.

Sometime during the last 15 minutes of class, after K2 started saying he was cold, I realized I did not pack his dry clothes. I left them on the couch at home. That was not going to help my already cold son. Gah! I decided he would just wear a diaper and shoes home. After getting out of the pool and warming up in the shower, it was much too cold for just a diaper. I put his damp rash guard back on figuring it would have to do. (I did run it through the cool spinner, get the water out, thing first).

Thankfully I managed to pack snacks, so there were no additional bad mommy moments to add to the list Saturday morning, but geeze I really messed up. It also worked out that a few things seemed to be in my favor.

Yay, can’t wait to see what happens this Saturday! (did you catch my sarcasm?)

What was your most unprepared mom/dad moment? What did you do?


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