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Finally my Final

In my childhood I got to perform often. Band, gymnastics meets, church choir.


Then in high school there were basketball, volleyball, and softball games, and school choir, complete with solos.


As an adult my only “performances” were training classes at Home Depot, conducting morning meetings, and weekly sales meeting as a manager. Not so exciting. Last semester I had to give a presentation of my research paper, complete with a power point. That was the first time I ever made a power point I might add, and I aced it.


So I guess I have been waiting for the next opportunity to perform. Insert ASL final presentation. Feel free to take a look. I asked a class mate to record it for me, so I apologize for some of the focus issues.


I was so excited, and proud of myself. I didn’t make any mistakes! Oh, and my song was the most upbeat and fun of the night!

What do you think? Did it make you smile?

Ring Shopping

Last Sunday we went ring shopping.


This was not our first time out wedding ring shopping, but this time was different. The previous trips were to figure out what we wanted and how much that would cost. This trip we went in with a relative budget to stay under, and a plan that includes a timeline.

What have I learned ring shopping?

Men don’t wear much jewelry because they are picky. Super, duper, ultra, picky.

No? Not your man? I guess your lucky.
Maybe you are the picky one? Me, not so much. The first trips shopping I liked one particular ring at one store, which is in the above photo. A conture, because it fits around my engagement ring, every other stone is sapphire and diamonds. Perfect, done, and under $400. I never changed my mind, never saw something I liked better.

When we went shopping this time, that ring was sold, so I basically selected the same thing with all diamonds. Same price. Still done.
S, he’s the shopper. How does this look? Do you like it? Does it match your ring? How does it look from far away? It pushes against my fingers too much. It’s too blingy. It’s missing a step.

S’s ring, twice the price of what I selected, and that’s on sale. He had to have diamonds. Yes it looks nice, and I am truly glad he is happy. I am happy to be done shopping too.
This is not the actual ring he selected,  just one of the many options.

We placed a deposit, and plan to go pick them up in a few weeks. S is hoping that there might be a Thanksgiving sale and that the rings might be even cheaper. Either way they are locked in at their current prices.

You will have to wait until we are married  for a ring reveal.

Who was the picky ring shopper in your house?

Saturday Silly

Today I wanted to do something completely different. I thought that this could be fun for all of us to play an easy game together. I often find myself in need of a good laugh, so this cues in your part.


This is a fairly simple, and yet can be a hilarious game. Everyone collaborates on a story by writing three words at a time.


Write your three words in bold.



Ex: Her husband ate



Repost the previous portion of the story when adding words.



Ex: Her husband ate a hot dog



You can add whatever punctuation you want, including sentence/paragraph breaks.



Ex: Her husband ate a hot dog, off the floor!



Try to refrain from cursing, basically keep it clean-ish.



OK, to begin:



Last week Sally,

I’m Raising A Giant and a Giveaway

October is a month of many things. One of those is Bullying awareness month. Today also happens to be #SpiritDay. Which means it’s the perfect time for me to tell you why I am raising a giant.


Green Giant says “Being a giant isn’t about being the biggest or the best. It’s about finding your inner courage to rise above the crowd and do what is right. It means using your voice to stand up for others, which sometimes may mean standing up to your own friends.” 


I love that. I want my kids to be Giants too.  To make our kids Giants it takes adults to talk to and teach them what to do, and what is right. So today I am sharing with you my letter to K1.



You’re beautiful. Your beauty is different from other people. You have strawberry blonde (red) hair, and not many others share that with you. I love it! Once upon a time, I tried to dye my hair that color. Your smaller than most girls your age, which makes snuggling great! You are shy and outgoing all mixed up into one, and that is a wonderful surprise. It makes me feel special to be let in on all of you and your secrets, and sometimes you choose not to share that with everyone, and that is okay.

Sometimes kids and adults are mean to others, especially when they are different. Some kids might pick on you, or tease you, because YOUR different. Maybe they are mean to your friends. But that is not okay. We are all different, and our differences make us special. Life would be boring if we were all the same.

All of that is also known as bullying, and bullying is never okay.

It doesn’t matter who it is, they are wrong. I want YOU to speak up. I want you to use your words and tell them they are wrong.

When I was in sixth grade there was a boy who was new to class. It was the beginning of the school year and no one would have known that he was new to town, except our city was small. Another boy who I knew from previous school years started to give him a hard time. I can’t even remember what it was about to be honest. I just know that I, me, teeny tiny Gwen, your mommy, stood up from my seat and told him to “stop, leave him alone.” I then proceeded to stand between the two like a person breaking up a fight, only there wasn’t one, not a physical fight any how. That was it. The bullying stopped.

I then turned around to meet the new boy, who’s name was Adam. That was the day that we became friends. We remained close friends for a long time. Thanks to Facebook we still talk occasionally today.

I want you to realize that your words do matter, they mean something. One kid can make a change. Some times bullying goes on because no one mentions it’s not right. Do that. Be that voice.

Daddy and I will always protect you. We will always listen to you. We will always love you. We will always support you, even when we don’t like your decisions. We will always be proud of you, even when you fall on your face. That means you tried something, we all mess up. You will never be alone. We will always help you overcome whatever obstacles you face, because we love you.

I think this girl can be a giant.
Don’t you?
Green Giant is currently hosting a bully-prevention campaign. Go to their “Raise A Giant” website and look around. Write a letter to your kids, and share it with others. Read other parents letters, for inspiration.

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark



International Babywearing Week

Did you know that this week is International babywearing week? If not, well then I am glad that I told you. Why? So you can go stomp the yard wearing your baby or something!


Everyone has different thoughts and feelings on everything related to children. Keeping that in mind, I wore both of my children. I loved how easy it is/was. For my daughter I didn’t know a lot, and I was pretty stingey. A friend sent me a Chicco me and you carrier that she used with her daughter. After I got over how to use it (you can read about my initial disaster with it here) I continued to use it for K1 until it was uncomfortable during pregnancy with my son.


When I was pregnant with my son I knew I needed to babywear in order to make playground trips happen for my daughter. Daddy brought home a Moby and since then I have never looked back. Babywearing  has single handedly (or no hands really) made parenting two children easier, in a million ways. I wish I got the carriers I have now when I had my daughter. Not that she hasn’t ridden in them, just that she was cheated a little.


In the spirit of Babywearing week I decided to share some throwback photos.

Phone again 004

Everyone likes spotting daddy wearing. Add a newborn, and it’s love!Daily life 006

One of my first times successfully wearing K1.Camping 020

Sneaky baby. I almost didn’t see you!Sea World 001

Scary babywearingSea World 020

Did you know Sea World and aquariums are great for babies under 6 months? They can start tracking things with their eyes. This was the first time K1 saw something and got excited about it. They were whales.


Sea World wearing.Blue Camera 007

Possibly unsafe tide pool wearing. Other 007

Tandem wearingOther 026

The ever popular bunny wearing. (Looks like her first selfie)Not sure 184

Passed out Not sure 011

Teething + babywearing = silence + snugglesIMAG0811

Outdoor rucking successfully for the first time. SHBC for those who will ask. (Secure High Back Carry – my fave)IMAG1498

Messy hair don’t care toddler doll wearing.


Testing out pretty carriers for friends, and toddler wearing. Yup K1 is hiding in there. She requested the hood up.


Wear on folks, wear on.


Happy International baby wearing week!

Fire Station Open House

Saturday there was an open house at one of the nearby fire stations. I found out about it in the morning as we were heading out the door to workout at the YMCA. I packed extra snacks, and planned to go after we worked out. I told the kids we would snack at the fire station, because I thought it would be a small event.

Firehouse 003When I heard that there was an open house. I thought that they would let the kids tour firetrucks, and look around the station, but not more than that.


Since my kids love firetrucks so much, I decided it would be worth going.

Firehouse 008We live close enough to a fire station that every time an EMT or firetruck leaves the station we can hear it. So they were really excited to see them up close.


The last time K1 was this close to a firetruck was last Halloween. This was K2’s first time!

Firehouse 018When we got there it was a lot more than just a few firetrucks to check out!


This is the inside of a newer CHP car. The back seat naturally.

Firehouse 027K1 was afraid to shoot the fire hose, but not her little brother. He loved it. When we told him that he was done, he was a little upset.

Firehouse 033Waiting for the K9 demonstration. Fire trucks everywhere.

Firehouse 053They did a drug search demonstration, and an attack command demonstration while we were there.  (I forget what it’s technical name really was) At other times during the day they used the jaws of life to cut apart two cars, but we didn’t get to see those.


K1 said that the black doggie, the one in the picture, was mean. As you can see he was the dog used for the bite demonstration. The dog that did the drug search was mostly brown.

Firehouse 055There was a bounce house for the kids. She hated it, can’t you tell?

Firehouse 066More firetrucks.

Firehouse 071

Firehouse 077In CA we have wildfires. (Right now it’s very dry here too) Well, we have an awesome team of people made up of  volunteers, that support the firefighters. The bring water, and snacks, and offer a cool place to sit inside this truck. We just learned about them at this event.

Firehouse 080Everyone loves kids in helmets.


It really pays to be flexible and spontaneous, because we would have missed out on this entirely.


Oh and because I love you here is a random FYI Fire Prevention Week is 10/6-10/12. (I looked it up) I bet there will be some fun firetruck happenings near you then! (I hope there are more near us too)












Fall Family Festival

Saturday we went to the Fall Family Festival put on by our local YMCA. It was a fun time, as expected.


Daddy went with us too. He is great at making fun things even more fun.


Under age sack races?
This guy K2, loved the bubbles.

You know those things that we blow on the steps outside our house? His.favorite.part.of the whole festival. 

He didn’t even try to jump In the kiddie pool filled with bubbles like some of the other kids. He was great. He just didn’t want to do anything else. Nothing.
Puppet shows put on by kiddos.
Jump-y obstacle course thing.
K1 couldn’t wait to get her shoes off to go on the jump-y thing. K2, well he tried. It wasn’t his cup of tea.
K1’s favorite part, were the crafts.
She really enjoyed them. There were edible crafts and art crafts. She was content with either.

We left with the colorful fall page you see in the pictures. She also went on to paint it. After painting her scene she made a cool coffee filter butterfly, which is now hanging up at home.

At the festival I learned that, while my three year thinks she understands what waiting in line means, she really doesn’t.

We waited in line for a balloon animal three times, and left with out one. She also waited in line for the jump course twice before actually having a turn.

We will get there eventually. There was a moment there where I thought we were just going to wait in line all morning. I’m glad we didn’t.

It was a nice Saturday morning. I love our YMCA. They take care of us.

What were you up to this weekend?

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