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Another Week in Photos

After working at 4 this morning I came home and went back to bed. Real exciting stuff over here.


We have an exciting day planned for the kids so I will be brief.


Wanna follow along? I’m GT4936 on instagram.


IMG_20131011_115716Another day at Balboa park. We are getting our money’s worth from our science center membership. The Navy was apparently doing PT. They were singing the whole time, and this little guy was stunned. All I could really make out what “Go Navy go!”

IMG_20131011_140922Grid locked at the Starbucks drive thru. Sometimes I treat myself after the gym, but it’s a juggling act. I don’t want either of the kids to fall asleep before we get home. I was lunch to happen first, oh and both kids to sleep at the same time. Lines like these do not work in my favor.

IMG_20131011_144519K1 is 3.5 years old, and has loved on this dog since she could scoot herself over to her. This day, she learned that there was a way to call Scarlet over and she would listen. End result, not napping. She was so happy that Scarlet listened I couldn’t even break it up. It was so sweet.

IMG_20131012_143053Christmas gift crafting

IMG_20131013_205634And more Christmas crafting

IMG_20131014_154655Questioning what to do on this Christmas craft. I want the pennants to say L-O-V-E …. just need to figure out the best way (I didn’t attach them yet).


It looks like all I did all week is craft but I assure you I did not. I did a bunch of crafting two days and none since I hit a wall.

IMG_20131017_113455I had another migraine Wednesday evening. I have hereditary migraines, and a few very obvious triggers. Thursday I decided to quit coffee for a while. I still took myself to Starbucks, I just got Green tea instead. It used to be my thing, back before kids, and coffee.


Don’t worry I won’t quit coffee forever, I need to at the start for a few weeks. Then later I can have it occasionally. Caffeine is a migraine trigger, so I should have it everyday. I’m kind of setting myself up if I do.


October is Bully-prevention awareness month, and yesterday was Spirit day. I shared a letter I wrote to K1 yesterday. You can read it here. While your there enter in my Giveaway.


What were you up to this week?

life rearranged






The End Of MugSwap2013

#MugSwap2013 has officially ended for this year. And I have to say that officially it was fun.


Fun was waiting for my swap partner to receive her goodies. I learned that we had a lot in common. Shopping for someone I never met in person was harder than expected, but basically I friend-ed a stranger whole heartedly. If you are curious I sent this goody box to Kelsey of PoofyCheeks.


Last Thursday I come home after my four hour class, walked the dog, and found this little brown box of love in my mail box.


I opened it up thinking that I should be off to bed, but the excitement drove me.


The best surprise came with a lesson I shared on Friday. I filled up my new mug and got a happy faced surprise in the morning. I sipped on my “morning juice” thinking about the fact that the person shopping for me did all the same things I did. My mug came from AMothersDesign, and she was so sweet to select this mug.


Now I have two new friends!


This was my first swap of any type and it was a fun experience. I am now wondering why I have never done something fun like this with my current friends? I think that would be even easier. I know them already, right? I might just pack up a little box of fun and send it off, just becuase. Maybe.


Did you follow along? Have you participated in a swap?


If you are interested in checking out what mug swap was like for other bloggers we have all linked up and you are welcome to check it out here;


Mug Swap!

Mug Swap 2013 – Sent

Okay. If you follow me on instagram or twitter then you have heard a bit here and there about a mug swap.


What is a mug swap your wondering? Well, it is just like it sounds, you give a mug and get a mug. It’s fun. The swap is hosted by and she is quite possibly the sweetest host ever.


If you are interested in following along with everyone’s mug fun check out #MugSwap2013 on Instagram or Twitter.

When I received my assigned swap partner I went to work, trying to figure out what she would like. I thought she made it pretty easy giving me great clues, but somehow shopping was still a challenge. I won’t explain every mug I photographed, just a few.


Like the sneakers. My partner said she liked bright colors. If those shoes were a coffee mug I would have been done shopping, but alas they are kids shoes, and remain on the rack where I found them.


Sets of four and sets of two mugs, were the bane of my mug shopping existence.


The Cat in the Hat. K1, my three year old, thought that maybe Kelsey would like that mug. I laughed, but it was really sweet of her.


The largest mug pictured is one that I bought, but then I changed my mind thinking it was too flowery (I still have to return it). I mean I’m not a particularly flowery girl, unless I am in the garden. My partner seemed a lot like me, and that is why I decided to continue shopping.

Until I found this beauty. After more than 20 stores of shopping (no exaggeration, two malls, and a few strip malls), I decided this mug would look perfect in her craft space. Take a look and see.
I loved that it was larger than normal. The dots. The dot’s are really what had me. Oh, and the hints of her favorite color. I was not as bright of a mug as I thought I would purchase, but somehow it felt right.

I learned that she loved Peach Snapple Iced Tea, and that she received a Keurig as a gift. Bam! I had planned to add some K-cups to her mug, but when I realized Peach Snapple had K-cups I grabbed her a whole box. I was secretly hoping that she had yet to try them, and was excited to find out she hadn’t!

Now I had to stay within a budget. S said I could not spend $50 on a coffee mug. I was already close to budget with K-cups, mug, and shipping. Still I felt the package was plain. Then I had a random ah-ha moment. Duh, I can craft too. It took me all of 20 minutes to think of something crafty that I could do that coincided with coffee.


I tried really hard to capture this true to color because that aqua was awesome, but alas I failed. Here it looks blue, but it is not at all. A hand knit, hand decorated, coffee cozy. I really had a lot of fun making this. As I said yesterday I forgot how much fun knitting was. I am going to be making lots more of these.

I was so excited to box it up and ship it that I forgot to add ribbon to anything. I especially bought ribbon in her favorite color just for that purpose! I guess I have it for something else now, maybe more hairbows? I also sealed it closed before adding in my card, so I had to pop it back open. I could have added my ribbon then, but still forgot. 

The last piece of the puzzle. My hand made card. I only pictured the front. I did include a little message on the inside for her. My thoughts were kind of jumbled and I can only hope it all came out right. There was so much I wanted to say. I was shocked to find out how much we seem to have in common. Strangers in the bloggy world separated by thousands of miles .

This was a fun stressful. Now that I have one swap under my wing, I think I am better prepared for others in the future. It was so exciting! I can’t wait to see what mug comes my way?!


By the by my kids were with me through 90% of my mug shopping fun. Now that I am done shopping K1 still thinks we are on the look out for a nice mug, “maybe that one mommy”. She also wants to know when Kelsey is coming from Florida, or when we are going there. This girl kills me with her cuteness at times.


Have you every participated in a random swap? What was your experience?

Caterpillar Craft

On Monday I had a friend over to craft with the kids and I. We had planned a pool day at her house, but the kids and I have something brewing in our sinuses and I decided that was a bad idea. Instead she came to our place and we had a crafty time. (corny I know)

A long time ago, probably a year ago like yesterdays post, I saw this caterpillar craft on Pinterest. I never actually pinned it because it didn’t seem like the thing that I needed a pin to remind me of. I loosely followed their craft for this project. By loosely I mean, I looked at the completed project picture, and how they cut the eggcrate, and then we got to it.

For this craft we used markers instead of the ever popular paint. Paint requires a lot more set up, clean up, and supervision than markers. I was looking for a more relaxed crafting time and something that K2 could participate in as well. While he did participate all he did, the whole time, was click the markers together and separate them. I was okay with that tho because he was entertained, and quiet. Then he discovered how to uncap one, just one, the black one I might add, so his hands were still covered in marker.

Just a tip If your going to do this craft, cut the egg crate ahead of time. Like before you set everything up ahead of time. It is more difficult than it seems. This was also my first egg crate craft, so maybe you have already learned that lesson.

I cut two of the caterpillars. You’ll see in the next photo that the one that got used it looks like it’s floating. Clearly I need egg crate cutting practice.

I watered down white glue on a paper plate for the gluing of the pompoms. I did this thinking that it would help the glue to dry faster. It may have, but keep in mind that white glue is not a sticker and it will need some time to dry, so place it our of reach after the pom poms are attached. And do all of your gluing last.

The pipe cleaner antenna are just poked through and bent under to stay in place. The one with the pink antenna is K1’s. She even curled them herself.

Yes it had to be pink. She HAD to have pink.

As soon as we were done K1 asked to do another craft. She really enjoys them. I need to fit them into our schedule more regularly.

This craft is really great because you can make it work with whatever you have on hand. I have seen some with “legs,” they use pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and foam shapes on their backs instead of pom poms. 

We will be doing this craft again, but next time we will use paint. 

Have you done this craft before? What did you do differently? 

What have you crafted lately?


Easy Hanging Kids Art Display Tutorial

I had the crafty bug bite me on Sunday and it has yet to let go. 
I pinned this a year ago and I still haven’t made one. I told myself I would get frames at the dollar store or cheap wooden ones from the craft store, and I year later that hasn’t happened.
What has happened in the last year is that my refrigerator has been covered up with all the little lovelies that my kids make. Except it gets full fast, and I have to keep every thing out of my 20 month old K2’s reach. Otherwise it will be transformed into confetti all over the floor.
So on Sunday I solved my problem, without a trip to the store. Everything I needed is basically in the photo above. 


  • Two nails
  • String – enough to cover the area where you would like to hang your children’s masterpieces. You could even use that fancy twine you’ve been hoarding
  • 6 (or more) clothespins
  • paint and paint brush- optional
  • hammer
  • scissors

Hang two nails and tie the string between them. I left a little end on each side because I liked how it looked, but you don’t have to do this. I also did was forced to measure and be sure that the nails were at the same height. 91″ if you interested.

Then I painted the clothespins in a rainbow of colors. You could easily skip this, but I thought it gave my super simple display a nice touch. It made it look just a bit nicer. You could even paint them to match the space where you are adding the display.
 I also added words to them, because my kids will be able to read soon enough. I thought it would look nice, and I was really happy with the way they came out. I know the letters were a little sloppy. The smallest brush I has was my daughters watercolor brush. I like how they came out. They are over 7 feet off the ground and it looks like I did it on purpose. Only you know different, so lets keep it between us.

Once your clothespins are dry hang your children’s beautiful artwork. It is safely out of the reach of grabby hands, and my daughter can show off her work to everyone that walks into the house.

Done! 15 minutes, no trips to the store, (because you had it all on hand) and you have created a new fun space to hang all that crafty goodness! Your welcome.

What do you do with your children’s crafts? Where do you display them, if you do?


I linked up here check out some other great ideas!


Painting time!

I didn’t really realize how long it has been since I let K1 paint anything, until we set all this stuff up. I also forgot how much work it is to let her paint. That is of course until I did it again. It genuinely takes me longer to set up than it does for her to become disinterested, or distracted. Then I still have to clean it all up, and fast! Well, faster than they can get into the paint and get it everywhere anyway. *sigh* But she really enjoys painting, and he finished projects. She proudly points them out to everyone who will listen. 

This little guy is still a little too little to wield a paint brush. Soon, but not quite yet. I whipped out finger paints for him and the top of a pizza box.

My caption for these photo’s; “Mom, this looks …..


Why did I leave him in the white diaper cover? I am still trying to wash the paint out of it. Guess it made for cute photos.

“I need some of your paint now.”


 These two ladies are so cute together. Once they learned that there would be a painting activity, neither house heard the end of it (we’re neighbors). That is until we finally painted. I guess that means this is something special for them, and we should do it more often.

Big kids like being creative too. Somehow the little ladies and K2 didn’t mess him or his bird house up. That is a small miracle.



Time for the bird houses to dry and the ladies to get hosed off.

K1’s is that masterpiece hanging in the back. It has yet to find a forever home. For now it is resting on my counter. 

Last summer we painted a lot. I started letting K1 paint just after she was two. JoAnn’s made it easy for me. $1 bird houses and a tube of washable non toxic paint for 60 cents? Done. Each time I got two bird houses and a tube of paint in a new color. Under $5 craft, I’m all in. Too bad they don’t bottle patience, I could use a little extra (especially for clean up).

Big kid bird house unscathed by the littles. Don’t you just love his positive message? I hope that the birdies can read. They’d really be missing out if they can’t.

What is your go-to craftivity?


All The Knitted Things

They lay collecting dust.

Being a mom has priority’s. Often time they are not myself, or even the things I want to do. Usually they are breakfast, lunch or dinner for 3 or 4. Sometimes they include things like laundry, bathing children, feeding/walking the dog, checking the mail, washing dishes, or grocery shopping (that list could go on forever, I think you get the point). Reading a book is simple enough that I can pop a page or two in here and there, but knitting, where I am consulting a pattern, is just too much for this mama taking a class at night.

Either way I decided to document the dust bunnies. I still do love my yarn, it’s just resting at the moment.

This will eventually become a towel for the kitchen. Its function will be to dry food off that was soaked (like potatoes before they bake in the oven as fries), or grease from things like bacon. It is really easy to knit, but as easy as it is, it does not knit itself.

This was meant to be a gift bag for Christmas. It did not get completed because I still do not have the right size double pointed needles to complete the handle.

Here you see a lone podster. Two fingers, one thumb, the flip top mitten part, and a mate short. They together are a Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe by next Christmas?

No matter how hard I tried black yarn is hard to photograph. No amount of editing made this photo better. It is a completed book cover for my cousin. By complete I mean the knitting is done. It is still in need of embellishments, and buttons. I was going to make buttons. I even bought the clay to do it with, but then I read that they polymers might be bad for an oven you will eat food out of later. So it sits unfinished.

My first blanket project. Still incomplete, but now may become something else. I gave 1/3 of the blanket to my dog after she came home from the vet. I have not interest in knitting this right now anyway. I kind of made up the pattern, and now that I am a better knitter, I can see the flaws in the pattern.

One day I might finish this. It might transform itself into a wristlet bag. I had a hard time finding a pattern for this yarn as there wasn’t a whole lot of it.

Anyhow I’m not sure these qualify as works in progress, because there is not much going on in the whole progress part, but here they are.

What crafty adventures have you been up to?


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