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International Babywearing Week

Did you know that this week is International babywearing week? If not, well then I am glad that I told you. Why? So you can go stomp the yard wearing your baby or something!


Everyone has different thoughts and feelings on everything related to children. Keeping that in mind, I wore both of my children. I loved how easy it is/was. For my daughter I didn’t know a lot, and I was pretty stingey. A friend sent me a Chicco me and you carrier that she used with her daughter. After I got over how to use it (you can read about my initial disaster with it here) I continued to use it for K1 until it was uncomfortable during pregnancy with my son.


When I was pregnant with my son I knew I needed to babywear in order to make playground trips happen for my daughter. Daddy brought home a Moby and since then I have never looked back. Babywearing  has single handedly (or no hands really) made parenting two children easier, in a million ways. I wish I got the carriers I have now when I had my daughter. Not that she hasn’t ridden in them, just that she was cheated a little.


In the spirit of Babywearing week I decided to share some throwback photos.

Phone again 004

Everyone likes spotting daddy wearing. Add a newborn, and it’s love!Daily life 006

One of my first times successfully wearing K1.Camping 020

Sneaky baby. I almost didn’t see you!Sea World 001

Scary babywearingSea World 020

Did you know Sea World and aquariums are great for babies under 6 months? They can start tracking things with their eyes. This was the first time K1 saw something and got excited about it. They were whales.


Sea World wearing.Blue Camera 007

Possibly unsafe tide pool wearing. Other 007

Tandem wearingOther 026

The ever popular bunny wearing. (Looks like her first selfie)Not sure 184

Passed out Not sure 011

Teething + babywearing = silence + snugglesIMAG0811

Outdoor rucking successfully for the first time. SHBC for those who will ask. (Secure High Back Carry – my fave)IMAG1498

Messy hair don’t care toddler doll wearing.


Testing out pretty carriers for friends, and toddler wearing. Yup K1 is hiding in there. She requested the hood up.


Wear on folks, wear on.


Happy International baby wearing week!

Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday!


I did much better this week at taking photo’s. Basically back to normal.


This week sure flew by! With daddy gone the last three days, I kept us super busy, so there wouldn’t be room for cranky babies. If you want to follow along I’m GT4936 on Instagram (there’s a button in the sidebar too).wpid-IMG_20130920_095215.jpg

Roar!! He came up to me and said “Mommy, help, on, peeeez.”


This guy is really popping out of his shell lately. It’s crazy when you recognize huge changes in your children. He has made some big advances recently. He tries to have conversations now. It is often the same question or answer over and over, but still he’s getting there. wpid-IMG_20130921_154150.jpg

They really are opposites. How many opposites in this picture can you find? And go!wpid-IMG_20130922_180149.jpg

A little last minute fall celebration.IMG_20130922_164035

Complete with pumpkins.IMG_20130922_181240

Cute kids, and grilled food. All before I had to work on Sunday night. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, by the lake. It is nicer now that my kids are a little bit older. We can do more spontaneous things like this, when people call last minute. wpid-IMG_20130923_120710.jpg

I haven’t spoken much about it, but I have been back to working out. Hard. Like before kids, hard. It really feels good. It is almost freeing, plus I get an hour away from my kids too.


What doesn’t necessarily feel as good? Working out abs and then trying to sit up straight on the vertical bike. Good luck Chuck. I have been doing this for a while, but for some reason this week I am feeling a lot of changes. I have been increasing reps this week, as things are getting easier. For some reason I just really killed myself on ab day.wpid-IMG_20130924_121711.jpg

Balboa Park. There is a lot of beauty there. Now that we are outside of San Diego city limits we don’t go as often as we once did. Sometimes I think it is good to stop and look at the beauty in the everyday. Or just be a tourist in your own town. I am sure there are great things here that I have yet to do.


The kids always want to play in this fountain. You aren’t exactly supposed to, but people always are. Maybe one time I will let them. This day we went to the Science Center.wpid-IMG_20130925_181016.jpg

How cute is she? Just when I think she has forgotten about a toy that she owns, she wants to use it. She came up to me telling me “I can do it myself,” except, she can’t. I helped her tie the elephant on and she played all afternoon, just like this.

Imitation is flattery, right? I love her.wpid-IMG_20130926_141235.jpg

What happens when the bubbles get dumped out into the water table? Well my daughter finds a sponge. And starts washing things. We didn’t miss the opportunity to let them “wash dishes.” They won’t want to do those things forever.


Totally not slave labor, and you then won’t have to wash their toys. Let them do it!wpid-IMG_20130926_141523.jpgTotal ham. And great lighting.


That’s it!


What were you up to?

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Yesterday’s Hike

Yesterday was hot.


But we hiked anyway.


This is not a story about what not to do. We hydrated frequently. Both ourselves and our children. We listened to our bodies, and actually turned back at the halfway point. I was stopping to breath all to often, the kids said they were done, and our water was halfway gone, so it was time.


Yes those zig zags, also known as switchbacks, were the trail.

We got out there before 9, which was still later than planned thanks to my slow moving in the morning. By that time temps were already over 90.


The park rangers were worried about us hiking because yesterdays forecast called for 100 degree weather. It did get up to 100 yesterday afternoon but that was long after we were done hiking.

They encouraged us to take a cell phone and the phone number for the park office. I’m glad they said something. I was planning on leaving our phone in the car due to lack of reception.  It’s odd to me, but there was reception on the trail when there was none in the park.


It really was nice to get up and get going like this in the morning. A natural high of sorts. I wish cooler weather was closer in sight. We could do this more.

Next time we will get up earlier.

Naturally, the kids favorite part was snacking in the Jeep when we were all done. Tho they did like seeing and hearing the horses.

What were you up to yesterday?

Another Week In Photo’s

This week I am a bit tardy with this update. I had a friend over for the afternoon yesterday and it took up a good chunk of time. Birthday cake and all. I hope you will forgive me. 

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Last Friday we went to a mama meet-up pool party. It was clouded over and we didn’t spend much time in the pool, but there were lots of other friends and toys and the kiddos had a great time. One mama busted this out. It looked pretty, but not very good for a migraine prone mama.

Since the stopping of breast feeding those hereditary migraines are coming back. I didn’t notice how few I have had, until the daily headaches came back. Boo.

At the Reuben H Fleet Science center here in San Diego they have this “Kid City” area upstairs, which is loads of fun for kiddos under (I think) 5. We went again this past week, and decided to bite the bullet and get a membership. Some how I failed to notice and “exhibit only” membership before, otherwise we would have already been members.

Firetrucks are a fairly recent love for this guy. He was in, on, or around the thing the whole time. Easy to find him, right?

Mommy and daddy have continued to work out together at home.

One day last week, daddy wanted to work out early. Like before the kids went to sleep. We set them up outside and got to it. It was cute, K1 and another neighborhood kid joined in. She asked even told us the next day that we didn’t work out. It was kind of funny, cause she’s 9. When she realized that’s what we were coming outside to do she asked her mom if they could stay longer. It totally made me smile. 

Nap time. Pretty much every day this week. Challenging and a struggle. Wrapped up, he passes out in just a few minutes. And I thought my baby wrapping days were almost over.

Not the best photo I have ever taken, but I had to take it through the window in the kitchen. I didn’t want to scare him away. A little dragonfly visited my garden. K1 and K2 both got to see it before scaring it off with their excitement.

Colorful lunches. I try. They tore it up.

Remember how I was talking about my fancy iced beverage container that I forgot to take with me to Starbucks? I found it like this in the freezer the next day. This is the second on that has broken in my possession. I am beginning to think that I shouldn’t have one. I made me very sad to find it this way tho. I’m silly like that. 

Beach-y morning meet-up = sand babies

It’s okay. That was the plan. I totally could have brought my book to read, they were playing together so nicely.

Before picking up my friend yesterday, we stopped at a playground on Coronado island. I have taken K1 there before and it’s pretty sweet, so I made it a point to have enough time to stop there.

From the top there he could see the street and all the cars and trucks passing by. “Big truck!!”

What were you up to?


Another Week In Photos and the End Of The Photo Challenge

First, happy Friday!!

Second I completed a photo challenge!

Third I’m linking up with;

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I know everyone on the planet thinks their kids are cute, but this is great. What you can’t see in this photo is the little guy K2 walking up to me with those orange wings saying “help help”. While he was walking around the house with them on I remembered that the photo challenge of the day was orange. Boom! Naturally sisters want to do whatever their brothers are doing, and the next thing you know there are fairies flying around the living room.

After helping K1 get her wings on, then comes mommy following K2 around with the phone trying to take a picture that did not include inappropriate parts. Blurring was the best that I could do.

After we were done being fairies we headed out to the nearby playground. While we were there this little guy figured out how to climb slides. Then to instill this skill he continued to do this until we left.

New bathing suit. She’s kind of excited. Mommy’s not 100% certain she loves all the exposed skin with a one piece, or the amount of taking things off to go to the bathroom. We’ll see, I might change my mind.

Another new suit …. Cars. Pretty much a win for all the kids in the house. We love Cars. I was just thinking like yesterday that I should go and buy Cars 2. K1 hasn’t seen it since she was tiny 2.

Photo challenge crescent. Cleaning up at the end of the day when I thought there were no crescents in sight. Ta da. Thanks K2.

This girl won tickets to the Padre’s game from the local YMCA. Fun times at the game. Daddy’s finger is in the photo, he was there too. That’s your proof.

I just want to add that everyone of the people in this photo laughed at me for asking permission to post this. They’re all pretty great.

Photo challenge, red. Brick building and old co-workers. Check.

Photo challenge, oval. I know that some of these beans are no oval, but for real a few of them are. I was going to zoom and focus on one, but there are a couple ovals so I left it. Then a smarty said they were bean shaped, so I guess I loose anyway.

Fun at the game. Blow up slide. If the lines were shorted she would have done this 10,000 more times.

We go K1 a doll house for her birthday, but K2 loves it just as much as she does. She told me this morning that we need to buy more dolls. The things these guys say, I swear. Maybe we should get some boy dolls.

Photo challenge, black. Okay this one was kind of a stretch. Someone else I know took a photo of their black dog. Instantly I could think of nothing else black to snap a shot of. (Hello Keurig why were you hiding?) Half the day went by when I noticed K1 doing this and, well, there was some black.

Super ultra lame I know. But I didn’t borrow anyone elses idea, even though I wanted to.

Photo challenge, blue. The dino is le tired.The I is underlined so that you say it correct. It’s a dIno not dino the little dog/dinosaur from Flinstones.

This is a mirror image of what I was doing at the pool. I was feeling motivated, and didn’t want to just sit while the kids were snacking.

Guess she was too!

“Mommy, what’s this guys name?”

We moved K2 into a toddler bed a few nights ago. Nap time is rough. Especially when his sister is in the room not yet napping. After an hour this mama had enough. I grabbed my wrap and tied him up. Swaying for 6 minutes with him all wrapped up, put him out. Instantly my blood pressure dropped.

Of course then it’s fun getting him down, but he sleeps through it.

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What did you week look like? I would love to know!


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Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday!

We have a birthday in the house today so I will be brief.

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We decided to switch it up and we ate our lunch outside. The kids really like it. I am just not a fan of picking up everything that drops to the ground, and inevitable more drops than when we are inside.

We were invited to a birthday party. At the last minute I found out it was Hawaiian themed. Bam! Finally putting this gift to use. Uncle J brought this back for K1 from a deployment to Hawaii (yes deployment, not really sure how it qualified something about being on ship).

Too much birthday party fun = a little boy taking the nap he really needed

3 of 4 sunflowers popped open. (The last one opened yesterday) It seems like they are already in decline. It’s like 3 days of amazingness and that is it. Poof it’s all over.

Little did I know that my children being Red Sox fans would cause so much Facebook controversy. Yikes! Oh well I win anyway. Heh heh heh.

This magazine is free you just sign up for it. My daughter loves it, so’ happy. She always tears apart daddy’s disc golf magazines, so I figured why not. Good choice mom.

I also tested out a pinterest pin this week. In good time too. 91 yesterday and 93 the next two days, peaking at 95 on Sunday. I can’t wait! (insert sarcasm)


This morning. Babywearing her bear. Sweet.

Now the crying toddler on my bad says it’s time for me to go!

What was the highlight of your week? What do you do to beat the heat?


A Week In Photos

Here is a little peek at our last two weeks via Instagram.

Friday night fun. Mommy and Daddy getting started on Christmas presents for the kids. Sadly that piece we started is still left unfinished. Maybe after I finish this post I will go do some more work on it. Hey, I said maybe.

When it is completed the piece pictured will be a wooden play stove. We are going for a play kitchen theme for Christmas this year. The kids really need a new one, and I wanted something that would last. Play kitchen goes all the way into Kindergarden at least so to me it will be worth it.

This will be a joint gift for both of the kiddos. I figure K2 has a birthday in December and he will only be 2 anyway. Joint gift should work out just fine. My hope is to include all our family and friends so that this will be overwhelmingly awesome. I have yet to communicate that to anyone so we will see what happens. It’s early still.

This poor guy is a little bit behind in the teething. Here he is finally passed out from the pain. He got 4 teeth that round, no big deal. (hah) I also believe he is teething again today.

Headed in for my final exam for this super awesome class and I see this. I laughed because who determines what qualifies as low emission and low fuel intake? It’s not like there is an electric charging station there. Silly sign.

This little daredevil. He truly believes he is ready to ride a bike. He may be, but he can not reach the pedals. I think that constitutes him not being ready. Either way that does not stop him from trying.

There was a nearby fairy festival which was a free event. So I dug out both K1’s and my fairy costumes from Halloween, dressed up, packed up, sauntered our way to the party.

Everyone was really very taken with the “Orange Fairy.” Based on my observations at the festival, orange is not a common fairy color. Nice. Way to stand out from the crowd. Orange also happens to complement her hair color, and she was previously a Halloween fairy. (Hence the black accents in her tutu) We did leave out the spider hair bow for this event.

You can not tell in this photo but I am also dressed up. I was a purple Halloween fairy. It is also hard to wear wings when someone is getting a piggyback. Babywearing did make the event possible for us to attend so I am not complainging. 
Poor K2 had to stick to me like glue because I went to this alone.

Mickey ears getting put to good use.

Doing squats of course.

I have been on a smoothie kick the last two weeks. These are just a few that I made with what we had on hand. I really enjoyed the second one pictured more so than the first one.

In case you want to try it;

2/3 of a mango
2/3 of an apple
Handful of chopped broccoli
Handful of cilantro
Few pinches of raw oats
Same amount of flax seed meal
Add almond milk to get the desired consistency

Not science, but surprisingly tasty. Feel free to mix and switch as desired.

Our crayon box is overflowing and messy. Broken, peeled, and dirty crayons fill a majority of the box. I posted this photo on Instagram to see if these crayons were worth melting down. I was curious if the black spots on the sides would ruin the color or not.

Any experience? I would love to hear. I have not done anything with them yet.

This guy was super crazy one morning. He then found these ears in the dress up box and had to wear them. After I carefully placed them on his head he started saying “hop, hop, hop,” all over the house. While simultaneously hopping like a grounded bunny. I love that little kid “jump” where they don’t leave the ground.

With the energy and the ears, I called him the Energizer Bunny. Fitting, don’t you think?

Pinterest pin test. Success. This is a pretty easy and tasty snack. Try it out. Zucchini, tomato, basil, and hummus. The actual pin called for some other ingredients, but that is what I used and is pictured.

I make my own hummus, and this one is a red pepper hummus.

Apparently I was all about food this week. Hope I didn’t make you too hungry.

I honestly never thought that a creme sauce could be vegan, but it seems it can. Silly me. I made this recipe up all on my own and it was yummy! 

Phyllo mushroom turnovers (recipe from Chloe’s kitchen)

Mushroom and zucchini cream sauce over whole wheat spaghetti. 

Mmmmm …. tasty and filling.

What did your week look like? 

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