Bike To Work Day

Yesterday was bike to work day here in San Diego County. I am honestly not sure if it is a state or nation wide thing, but I know it happened here.

I do not go to work, that gives me a pretty handy excuse for not participating. Although that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to.

Yesterday we walked to the library for story time. I don’t even take a stroller. It really is too short of a walk for it to be worth the hassle of loading the kids into the trailer, then locking and unlocking everything once there.

Then we piled into the Jeep and drove to have lunch with daddy. His work is somewhere around 20 miles away. I am so not in any shape that would allow me to bike there alone, never mind with the kiddos in tow.

All of this and no biking.

After dinner was our chance.

I guess deep down I just wanted to go for a bike ride. You know, feel active again. Bike to work day was my excuse. My reason to get up off the couch. I trudged through and forced myself to feel like I was participating.

All in all it was a nice ride. A little cool, but nice. K2 still has a hard time with his helmet. That means there was still crying after about five minutes.

We also stopped for an impromptu diaper change. I was not planning on us stopping at all, so we were completely unprepared. We just took the diaper off and told the little guy not to go potty. Thankfully he listened. He’s cool like that.

That reminds me, I want to kick this whole potty training business into gear. I am sick of washing, and changing diapers. Time to be done. (I mean who doesn’t prefer cleaning puddles up off of the floor?)

Have you ever biked to work? Ever wing a diaper change? What did you do?


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3 Responses to 'Bike To Work Day'

  1. Jen B says:

    I haven’t biked to work but I love taking the kids for bike rides! I just started biking again after having my youngest baby. 🙂

  2. Meghan says:

    I bet they LOVE riding in the bike trailer! Sadly I never learned to ride a bike well enough to keep kids safe on the ride, so we keep joking that we need to get me one of those adult tricycles so I can keep up with the little dudes on their bikes!

  3. I used to bike everywhere. Then I remembered I live in Wisconsin and that’s insane when the negative temps arrive!

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