Ben Bridge Jeweler Wedding Giveaway


Ben Bridge Jeweler is having a contest/giveaway over on their Facebook page.

I entered. At this point S is pushing for a court house wedding, because of our financial situation. No one needs a wedding, but I am not going to lie, I want one. I don’t need extravagant, but a night dancing with all of my far away friends would be great. Since moving away from my home state in 2004, I have not offered much in the way of reasons for those far away friends to visit.

Weddings do that. They are enough. Enough of a reason to buy a plane ticket. Enough of a reason to stay in a hotel. Enough of a reason to get all fancied up, and dance all silly to the electric slide. (no wedding reception is complete without it) I very selfishly want all of my friends to come here, to see me, to celebrate with us. That would be great.

All that said, I entered into the above mentioned contest/giveaway. I would be shocked if we won, but it doesn’t hurt to try. So this post is a shameless request for you to take 5 minutes of your time to register on their Facebook app, and vote for our photo.

Pretty please?

You can vote once per day, and only once. Our submission can be located by searching “Gwendolyn” (just Gwen doesn’t work). The title of our photo is “Game (almost) Over”. This is a sample of the photo, so you know when you have found it;

Here is the link to the contest

Thank you in advance!


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