April #WearMoreDresses2014 update

Remember those goals I set, back in January? I’m not so sure I am doing a great job with them. I plan to review them sometime this month and evaluate myself, but for now let’s talk about dresses.


Basically I haven’t worn any in the last two months. I have been wearing work out clothes a lot, but dresses, no.so.much. When I wake up in the morning I tell myself that I am going to the gym, so I get dressed to do so. I tell myself that I will come home and shower and then change into clothes for the rest of the day. What actually happens doesn’t always match what I tell myself will happen.








You can see I had quite a few failed shopping attempts. It is challenging to buy a dress off a shelf somewhere. My body does not fit into a cookie cutter mold. I am also sure that a lot of you also have this problem. Maybe that’s why making your own clothes is increasing in popularity.


I am glad that I am ahead of all the dress wearing I did last year, because so far I am sucking at this goal of mine.


I could really use some inspiration. If you are on instagram snap a shot of you in a dress and hashtag it WearMoreDresses2014 so that I can see your style!



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2 Responses to 'April #WearMoreDresses2014 update'

  1. Kari says:

    I love that red retro looking one on you, the silver ones good too =) and the very last one looks great too!

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      You know I liked the red one too, but it was a thick fabric and not very breathable. I think I would have been sweating to death it in, on all of our hot sunny days. I felt the opposite in the grey one. I thought it was too thin … haha. Maybe I’m too picky. Thank you tho, sometimes it’s hard to really see yourself when your in something.

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