Anxiety and a touch of sickness

When you enter the world of parent hood you are filled with all of the wonderful thoughts of giggles and cuteness. Then there is the reality that with it comes an equal part of worry.

To clue you in, at this point my anxiety over all the things I can not control with my children is so great that I shed a tear close to every night before falling asleep. Somehow my mind can not help but wander over the thoughts of all the terrible things that could happen while I am unable to get to them and help.


I am still wondering, honestly.

Why, do I think about what would happen in the event of an earthquake while we are all sleeping, and my DD is in a room of her own? I have no earthly idea. I am also sure that I could go on and on about all of catastrophic type of things I wonder/worry about. This particular idea leads me to thoughts of bringing her into bed with us. Which I have tried. It is a disaster. She doesn’t sleep. She talks, squirms, kicks, and talks some more. This leads to her brother waking up. Bad times. All because I wanted her to be closer to me.

At this point she has only been in a room of her own for 5 months. That may be why I have only recently noticed these thoughts.

Sickness makes this worse. I think that every stuffy nose could result in death. Extreme, I know.

So you can see why sickness on vacation would suck. Never mind that a 9ish hour car ride with two babies already sucks. Let’s just go and add a double ear infection and stuffy, congested noses to go around. I was handing out Emergen-C like it was candy. It really took away from the vacation for me. Aside from the cranky toddler.

I really need to find a way to relax.

I hate that I feel like I need to hear them breathing to know they are okay.

I would like to know that this crazy anxiety that I feel, will not last forever. Imagine what it will be like when school comes around?

Do you have anxiety related to you child/children and disaster?


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One Response to 'Anxiety and a touch of sickness'

  1. Elkins says:

    When Gabe’s sick and he sleeps longer then normal, My first thought is that he stopped breathing, so I have to go check! And, he is ALWAYS okay 😉 I think it comes with motherhood. Sometimes we need to find things that will help relieve or relax, find that and hopefully it helps.

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