Another Week In Photos and the End Of The Photo Challenge

First, happy Friday!!

Second I completed a photo challenge!

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I know everyone on the planet thinks their kids are cute, but this is great. What you can’t see in this photo is the little guy K2 walking up to me with those orange wings saying “help help”. While he was walking around the house with them on I remembered that the photo challenge of the day was orange. Boom! Naturally sisters want to do whatever their brothers are doing, and the next thing you know there are fairies flying around the living room.

After helping K1 get her wings on, then comes mommy following K2 around with the phone trying to take a picture that did not include inappropriate parts. Blurring was the best that I could do.

After we were done being fairies we headed out to the nearby playground. While we were there this little guy figured out how to climb slides. Then to instill this skill he continued to do this until we left.

New bathing suit. She’s kind of excited. Mommy’s not 100% certain she loves all the exposed skin with a one piece, or the amount of taking things off to go to the bathroom. We’ll see, I might change my mind.

Another new suit …. Cars. Pretty much a win for all the kids in the house. We love Cars. I was just thinking like yesterday that I should go and buy Cars 2. K1 hasn’t seen it since she was tiny 2.

Photo challenge crescent. Cleaning up at the end of the day when I thought there were no crescents in sight. Ta da. Thanks K2.

This girl won tickets to the Padre’s game from the local YMCA. Fun times at the game. Daddy’s finger is in the photo, he was there too. That’s your proof.

I just want to add that everyone of the people in this photo laughed at me for asking permission to post this. They’re all pretty great.

Photo challenge, red. Brick building and old co-workers. Check.

Photo challenge, oval. I know that some of these beans are no oval, but for real a few of them are. I was going to zoom and focus on one, but there are a couple ovals so I left it. Then a smarty said they were bean shaped, so I guess I loose anyway.

Fun at the game. Blow up slide. If the lines were shorted she would have done this 10,000 more times.

We go K1 a doll house for her birthday, but K2 loves it just as much as she does. She told me this morning that we need to buy more dolls. The things these guys say, I swear. Maybe we should get some boy dolls.

Photo challenge, black. Okay this one was kind of a stretch. Someone else I know took a photo of their black dog. Instantly I could think of nothing else black to snap a shot of. (Hello Keurig why were you hiding?) Half the day went by when I noticed K1 doing this and, well, there was some black.

Super ultra lame I know. But I didn’t borrow anyone elses idea, even though I wanted to.

Photo challenge, blue. The dino is le tired.The I is underlined so that you say it correct. It’s a dIno not dino the little dog/dinosaur from Flinstones.

This is a mirror image of what I was doing at the pool. I was feeling motivated, and didn’t want to just sit while the kids were snacking.

Guess she was too!

“Mommy, what’s this guys name?”

We moved K2 into a toddler bed a few nights ago. Nap time is rough. Especially when his sister is in the room not yet napping. After an hour this mama had enough. I grabbed my wrap and tied him up. Swaying for 6 minutes with him all wrapped up, put him out. Instantly my blood pressure dropped.

Of course then it’s fun getting him down, but he sleeps through it.

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What did you week look like? I would love to know!


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