Another Week In Photos

Hidy ho. June is flying by really fast. Before you know it it will be Father’s day and then officially summer.

Well let me share with you the last Insta-week;

I’m still on the smoothie kick. This one was the worst one that I have made so far. I still drank it. It wasn’t gag me with a spoon bad or anything, just not good.

I also made up my own phrase “A smoothie a day keeps love handles away.” It does right?

Pool day fun. Daddy was at work. I really snapped this shot because of K2’s hair. Somehow this happened mostly on it’s own. I just helped out the back half.

What I didn’t notice when I was taking this was crazy K1 in the background. Do you see that face? Priceless.

Happy Birthday to me, a day early. Thank you Starbucks. PS that is A LOT of coffee. I had half now half later. Extra goodness.

This photo is no longer an accurate representation of my little container garden. Things are growing out of control! Those sun flowers on the bottom left are going to pop open any hour now. There are tons of little cherry tomatoes ripening now.

It really makes me happy to see everything doing so well this year after the struggle last year. Having more plants back there has really seemed to help. The bug population is spread out, instead of attacking one plant.

Last year I put a little chair out back to relax and enjoy my little green space. I would do that again, but there are a zillion more plants, and lots of recycling building up. Maybe I should remedy that.

It has been quite a while since K1 last attended gymnastics. She really loves it. This was her first day of class. It also is no longer mommy and me, so K2 and I hung out and watched.

Sometimes I think that I need a bigger frying pan, or skillet whatever you like to call it. Then I see the prices at the store and change my mind. Thinking I can still make due with what I have.

I am pretty convinced that if I did get a bigger pan my stove would stay clean longer. See the bottom of the photo? The stove was clean when I started. (It also got dirtier when S served himself)

Trip to the gym was too much for him it seems. He fell asleep on the way home, which happens a lot. Usually however he wakes up on the trip into the house to eat lunch and then takes a real nap. Yesterday? Oh well.

S got his birthday present early yesterday. This is pretty cool huh? It’s a watch made from bamboo. It even came in a cool crate. 

What excitement did your week bring?

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2 Responses to 'Another Week In Photos'

  1. Happy Birthday!! So glad you have a little garden! And that pic of your little guy crashed out is precious – I remember those days!

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