Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday!

We have a birthday in the house today so I will be brief.

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We decided to switch it up and we ate our lunch outside. The kids really like it. I am just not a fan of picking up everything that drops to the ground, and inevitable more drops than when we are inside.

We were invited to a birthday party. At the last minute I found out it was Hawaiian themed. Bam! Finally putting this gift to use. Uncle J brought this back for K1 from a deployment to Hawaii (yes deployment, not really sure how it qualified something about being on ship).

Too much birthday party fun = a little boy taking the nap he really needed

3 of 4 sunflowers popped open. (The last one opened yesterday) It seems like they are already in decline. It’s like 3 days of amazingness and that is it. Poof it’s all over.

Little did I know that my children being Red Sox fans would cause so much Facebook controversy. Yikes! Oh well I win anyway. Heh heh heh.

This magazine is free you just sign up for it. My daughter loves it, so’ happy. She always tears apart daddy’s disc golf magazines, so I figured why not. Good choice mom.

I also tested out a pinterest pin this week. In good time too. 91 yesterday and 93 the next two days, peaking at 95 on Sunday. I can’t wait! (insert sarcasm)


This morning. Babywearing her bear. Sweet.

Now the crying toddler on my bad says it’s time for me to go!

What was the highlight of your week? What do you do to beat the heat?


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