Another Week In Photo’s

Nice to see you again Friday!

I think that considering the little lady was sick, we still had a pretty good week.

Another day, another photo challenge thanks to Danielle. This was rectangle.

Since I was placed on bed rest with K2, way back when, we started a family routine. Bath, story, bed. I know that it is common in some homes, but prior to 15 months K1 did not really have a night time routine. I worked some nights, but not all, and we were all over the board with her. Adding this bit into her day helped her to go to sleep at night.

Even now the routine really helps to calm the two kiddos down.

First, I deleted Words With Friends a long time ago because it sucked up too much time. Then my neighbor invited me and I re-joined. Bad idea. All the people want to play! With my life, there is not time for this, none. (yet I am still playing, I don’t get it either)

Now that we have covered that. Hunty is apparently not a word. Weird. I know plenty of people who use the word, daily. I just thought I was real. Ooops.

Challenge aqua. I really thought that this was going to be harder than it was. The last smiles before high fevers set in. Still so pretty!

All I could think was that K1 doesn’t even know of aquamarine. She knows aqua as Spanish for water. As it turns out once I went looking we had aqua all over.

Look how cute sleeping kids can be. Sometimes I am so overjoyed that they are asleep I forget that these days won’t last forever.

Triangle. With a prevailing fever I didn’t get out at all. When you seek you will find, right? These shoes are super easy slip on’s that match almost nothing. S bought them home for me one night. It was a sweet little thoughtful thing.

K2 is getting really good at putting these tracks together now a days. He still comes over saying “help help.” Actually he kind of screams it like he’s dying. We played lots of trains while sister looked like this;

On the couch most of the day.
Challenge this day was purple. Just a t i n y bit, but it’s there.

Diamonds. I figured that the baby gate counted. Of course I did try to teach K1 the shape diamond at the same time. Yes K2 is naked. Since we were home with a sick K1 he and I were working on potty training I mean peeing on the floor. He does get it, just doesn’t hold it.

Green. We have lots of green around all the time. As the big kid next door said it was K2 and mommy matching day. I didn’t plan this at all. The colors just worked out for the days challenge.

We are all so happy and actually laughing in this photo.

Lunch the past few days. Tasty. Filling. Refreshing. Who would have ever thought that I would eat tomatoes on my own accord? No one from my past, that is for certain.

July 4th we did a little driving in the water on the beach. The Jeep is still dirty. Who am I fooling it will still be dirty next month I’m sure. It started to rain yesterday morning and I thought some would get washed away, but no such luck.

Square. Free Lego mag. Challenge photo handled.

We went down to the Santee Summer concert series. We only stayed for an hour, but the kids had a great time running around. K2 loved to look at all the food trucks, and both kids played on the playground. We danced as a family to one song before heading home for bedtime. We will be going again next week.

Lastly this is an image of our fundraiser T-shirt. Please consider reading this weeks post about SMA here.

If you have a dollar or two to spare share here or buy one of our T-shirts. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Families of SMA. 

What did your week look like?

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3 Responses to 'Another Week In Photo’s'

  1. For being sick your daughter sure looks cute! Hope shes feeling better. Cute shoes, too! Found you through InstaFriday link up 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    I love that he screams “help, help!” like he’s dying! Good memories of that age. And yes, I can totally relate to being so happy that they’re asleep that we almost forget these days won’t last forever. But what I don’t want to last forever? My girls fighting. Always!! That’s ok to think that way, right? Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Patrice says:

    Fun shots – I hope your daughter is all better!

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