Another Week In Photo’s

Cheers! It’s Friday! 

It was a quiet week for me on Instagram. I guess without the focus of the photo challenge I didn’t think about it. Are you on Instagram? You can follow me, I’m GT4936.

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life rearranged

I let my little princess go out. Without mommy, or daddy. What was I thinking??

I was thinking that she would have a good time, and in a way that she needed it. K2 is always there and they never get a break from each other. I thought it would be nice for her to get to do something special. I called a friend to see if he would take her to the movies. He loves that stuff so naturally he said yes.

While time passed I got paranoid. More time before she left to THINK, and think I did. I made her a necklace with both of her parents phone numbers on it saying “call my mommy or daddy if I’m lost.” We also had a chat, not to let go of Uncle J’s hand, and to look for another mommy to call me if she lost him.

Basically, she had a great time. He took her to see Despicable Me 2. She reported back to me that she let go of Uncle J’s hand twice and the purple minions were scary. I love her.

Grandma came to visit, and somehow there are no pictures to share. She was super thoughtful and brought a dinosaur tail and hat, so that now K2 has at least one gender neutral dress up option. Naturally everyone loves it, and they have both already worn it quite a few times. (I actually had to repair it already!)

Summer fun. Pool days. Daddy is working eight days straight. On day four he wanted to go out and do something so that he didn’t feel like he was really working that long of a stretch. Off for an evening at the pool it was. We had a good time. Now that we are at the end of the stretch, I think he still feels like he worked eight days in a row.

Nap time is hard lately. I already shared wrapping him up to fall asleep, and that works. However when I do that K1 doesn’t fall asleep. She waits to see if he is coming back or not. Then I have to help her settle down all over again. So this day I was trying to get him to go to sleep without baby wearing.

You can see how cute his is effective that was. He did eventually fall asleep, and so did his sister.

The other night, you know when daddy went to bed with the kids? I did think on the counter thinking he would come down, see it and have a laugh. Good thing I shared my corny-ness on Instagram, otherwise no one would have seen it.

This little lady asks for a braid most days. Most days she tries, but does not stand still well. Most days her braid is all lumpy bumpy. Yesterday, it came out great! Go mom!  I should have taken her for pictures or something. That reminds me I do want to get some sibling pictures done, soon.What I am waiting for?

What were you up to?


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2 Responses to 'Another Week In Photo’s'

  1. Anne Bickle says:

    Hi Gwen! I just figured out that you are following me on Instagram, so right away I went to Instagram and followed you back. I love to see your pictures and hear the stories behind them. That’s so funny – and great – that you were so worried while she was at the movie. Glad she had fun. Have a great week! xo, Anne

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Thanks for visiting! This is actually the first time that I posted my Instagram account for readers to follow back. What were the chances! I actually started following your blog and Insta after reading an Insta Friday post, I was hooked. I hope you have a great week also!

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