Another Week in Photos

I almost wanted to title this weeks post, “Just a couple insta’s” because that is what it really is. Sometimes the weeks go by so fast that my camera phone is just too far to pull out and snap a few everyday shots. I find that happens most when we are having too much fun. Which is good, and bad. Good because we are having fun, bad because without the photo I might not remember it later.


Any how I will get on with it.




I was trying out something a little different for this year’s valentine for daddy. In the end it was bright and cherry and fun, but did not make the cut. So I stamped it with a smiley and hung it on the fridge (where it still resides).


I realize now that I didn’t share my valentine for daddy with you all. I was simple and fancy all at the same time. Hand painted, hand stitched, fully equipped with a quote from Ghandi. It seemed fitting. Since I just came to this silly realization here are a few special non instagrammed photos;


In case you can not see it well enough to read, it says, “Where there is love, there is life” -Ghandi

Continuing along.



While daddy has been out of town training we have gone up a visited a few times. That means play time at parks we have never been to. How picturesque is this? If it weren’t so far away it would be a great place to get married. As nice as it is, not worth the drive.



This is cheating, but when I post a few days later than planned, because life, I can do what I want. I found this yesterday at the Disney store. Apparently they are coming out with another Tinker Bell movie in April. I am excited for the little miss. She will love it. I know this because she could watch all the Tinker Bell movies on repeat all day long. Also yesterday I also went into Target and they also had the Tinker Bell doll. She makes a pretty cute pirate. Okay, I admit it, I like the Tinker Bell movies too. They aren’t boring to watch, I get sucked in too. So new movie? Fun.


We had a Tinker Bell themed birthday for K1 last year, so now I am conflicted. I WAS planning on having a Frozen themed birthday since they LOVE Frozen, but now this. What is a mama to do? What would you do? I am planning on waiting a month as asking K1, but we will see what actually happens.


Hope you had a great week (and are ready for Monday)!

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