Another Week in Photos

Alas another week in this glorious life has slipped past. Well not slipped past exactly, because I enjoyed every moment of it.


Let’s look back shall we? I am GT4936 in Instagram if you wanna follow along. I’d love to follow you too! Leave a comment with your username and I’ll check you out.

IMG_20140131_115055This table has really made things easier! I really had no idea what I have been missing out on. Letting the K2 color so that I can work with K1 on writing letters is easy now. No one is fighting over anything. I love it.

IMG_20140201_174747Remember how I said that I was going to take time for myself at least once a month? Well can you guess what will come next?



During. Hair is cut already.




I went a little crazy. I have always wanted to add a few streaks of a fun unnatural color. Finally at the age of 31 I did it. I have to say it feels so good. I made an appointment for myself without feeling guilty. Then after I went and spent some much needed time with friends. It was a lovely night, especially after a week alone with the kids.



Another shot of the hair. I am trying to expose all the colored parts in this one. There are two sections of streaks. I love it so much I actually like looking in the mirror right now.



Okay, so with a grande iced coffee at Starbucks being $2.45 I can’t have it all the time. Not that I need to, but if I wanted to I couldn’t. When I was grocery shopping the other day I found this and decided to pick it up and try it. It was on sale for $3, so I figured why not? If it was terrible it wasn’t that great of a loss. Well it turns out that it is pretty tasty. It has a much lighter taste than Starbucks, but not bad.


Thanks to instagram I now know that there are other flavors available, and I would like to try them. I didn’t purchase vanilla on purpose. I just saw iced coffee and grabbed it. I’m thinking something caramel next.


Oh and if you were curious this stuff is daddy approved too! (PS totally not sponsored, I just tried it and liked it wanted to share, because when you’re friends that’s what you do.)


What were you up to?
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One Response to 'Another Week in Photos'

  1. I love the color in your hair!!!! Its so gorgeous!!!! I love fun funky colors! Sexy mama!

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