Another Week in Photos

Here we are, Friday we meet again.


Friday’s are a great time to sit down and look back at the week. Make mental notes of moments that we loved. The ordinary. It’s easy to share the extraordinary, but somehow the ordinary is different. Even still it is the ordinary, every day things we do, that make up our life, and our children remember.


So this is why I do this post on Friday’s. This is why I make it a point to take silly, plain Jane photo’s, and share them on instagram.


Let’s look back together, shall we? If you do a similar wrap up post of your own, I would love to read it. Link it to me in a comment and I will check it out, promise.


This is a picture of the first pocket hole I ever drilled. It wasn’t really that momentus a moment, but it was …. if you know what I mean. It was pretty cool, and people outside of furniture makers look at you like your crazy wen you say “pocket hole.” It’s like a foreign language, so now I feel like I am in the club. Also, it’s super easy. The tools pretty much do all the hard work. Shhh don’t tell.


That first pocket hole, led to making the kids a table in under two hours. The living room was cleaned up, and table completed, all before I went to work. It does still need a few coats of paint, but that can be done at night while kids sleep.


We followed another Ana White plan for the table. This plan is not without flaws. She did not include measurements for pocket hole placement, which is not completely necessary. However it is important when you get to attaching the legs. We had to take them apart and reposition them because the screws hit each other in the corner. We placed everything based on how they “appeared” in the photo, but in the end did our own thing.


Next we will be making on of these $4 chairs.


We received some happy mail when we weren’t expecting anything.


We went from expecting nothing to this;


Fun times were had by both sick children. It definitely made a sick day at home more fun than ever.


New table in action. K1 really enjoys painting. She always has, but is has been difficult to do when K2 was awake. Now, with a new table? Boom! I even let K2 try watercolor for the first time. He painted the paper with mostly water, got bored and got up to go play by himself. It was awesome, because there was no crying, no stolen paintbrushes, no dumped water, and no fighting over space. K1, got to paint both sheets, and I busted out the watercolor set for her to have more colors to choose from.


Instagram is actually where I have seen this done to a mango before. Before Wednesday I had never tried this. I should have done this sooner, it is so easy! I will never peel a mango again. Wednesday morning I had three mango’s on the counter. Today I have none. I think I need some more mangos.


Also if you are just stopping by this week don’t forget to go and enter into my little handmade cup cozy giveaway. It ends next week!


What were you up to this week?

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  1. It looks like you had a busy, busy week with the kids.

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