Another Week In Photos

This week flew by so fast that I didn’t realize it was Friday until half the day had passed.

Banana muffins to take with me for a play date. Every vegan muffin recipe, every time. What you ask? The two empty muffins that’s what. I wonder what it is that I am doing wrong. This recipe was better than the last one that I used.

Cold brewed iced coffee. I didn’t get heart burn after drinking it in the afternoon. I am not a scientist, but I will go ahead and say that it is actually less acidic, as claimed. Note to self, mesh strainer required. Clearly I am no McGuiver in the kitchen tool dept, because what you see pictured didn’t work. I ended up using a burp cloth to strain out the grounds.

Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty, clean, or neat like the coffee filter would have been.

Having big sisters is rough. I know, I was one. He knows, he has one.

This was only one of the days injuries. He’ll live.

Appendicitis has got nothing on uncle J.

After a looooong day. You know the kind, the ones with no naps. One kid was asleep and still one to go. Some days really feel like they never end.

Yes I know later I will wish they didn’t, but honestly some days I am thankful for their ending.

$5. Clearance. Thank you Bed Bath and Beyond. I will no longer have to hold the bubble container stopping kids from pouring them out on the ground (by accident). PS, it really works. They totally knock it over and hardly anything is lost.

It is, however, not a miracle keep-mommy-clean-while-kids-blow-bubbles tool. They still stand in front of me and wave the wands around, covering me in bubble solution.

I went to add a tomato to my sauce for a spaghetti night. Just kidding! I thought it was hard to seed a tomato and grow the seed?

No, I didn’t use it in my sauce.

Wild grapes!

Ladybug hunting paused to play. K2 was falling asleep and I needed them to nap, so I stopped for a quick romp on the playground. No ladybugs were collected this week.

Breakfast in bed! When we had only one kiddo this happened more often. It has been a long long time, and this was super nice. Sleeping in a little and getting breakfast delivered. He really is a sweet sweet man.

Confession time.

Do you remember Yana? Yana has left us. Remember how I was worried that K2 would pull off hands and feet? They came off. He didn’t do it. The dolls owner K1 did it. Then my little lady was being insubordinate and mommy took the doll away and dropped/threw her on the ground. Yana’s legs flew off. They were held in place by the tiniest piece of plastic. I tried to “fix” her, knowing she would be less functional, but no such luck. I felt really bad. You could still play with the doll even with the damage K1 did, but what I did, no. Well, not unless your Rango. He had half a doll, and it had no head.

This is Lina. She protects the rain forests. I won her in a giveaway. K1 is in love. Really? I am so afraid something bad is going to happen again. This time I let Lina keep her shoes because K1 didn’t get to play with Yana very long before she was retired. So I wanted her to get the most play out of the doll. Surprisingly she isn’t naked all the time like most dolls at our house. Woohoo!

A little pit stop and the play place. Mommy was coffee mug hunting. More on that later.


I don’t get very many cute sibling photos, and this was kind of a sweet little moment.

What did your week look like? 

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  1. Patrice says:

    Great shots – those wild grapes are cool!

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