Another Week in Photos

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I’m a bit slow catching up because of the holiday.


Welcome to another week of instagram photo’s. Apparently I didn’t really take any, so this will be very light.


We finished the play kitchen and even did a little reveal for you. Actually the kids have yet to see this still. They will walk in to find it soon. I really can’t wait. There have been a lot of slip ups along the way accidentally talking about it with the kids around. Thankfully they are still young enough that it doesn’t really matter. These are good practice years for the future.


There is a small problem with hot chocolate packets and the Keurig. The packets are each to be mixed with 6 oz of water. Keurig has 5.25, 7.25, and 9.25 options. I decided on two packets, and two 7.25. The mug is very full. To the brim, perfect. It just leaves no room for extra marshmallows.


Blood orange juice.


The blood oranges looked so tasty at the store that I had to have them. I thought they would taste different than regular oranges., and they did. They were very juicy, and most of these ones were red all the way through. No orange inside at all. They were a little more tarty than regular oranges, if your curious.


The grandparents took the everyone to a movie the day after Christmas. We got to see Frozen. This was K2’s first movie in a theater. He did surprisingly well. Better than K1 did at this age, but that might be from our experience as parents. When I took K1 to see Cars 2 in the theatre I didn’t realize that there were 20 minutes of previews, so I basically wasted a bunch of her patience. Halfway through the movie we were walking the aisles. This time with K2 we stayed out of the theater until the movie was starting. We also got popcorn, and had a whole row that the kids could walk around in, from family member to family member. It all worked out really well.


Side note; I don’t know what is happening to me in my old age, but Frozen made me cry three times. Oy. Also Rio 2 is coming.


Well that was all I shared, I told you it was short.


What were you up to?


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2 Responses to 'Another Week in Photos'

  1. I can ‘t wait to see Frozen and Rio 2. My youngest surprisingly sat through Frozen, his Nana took him to the movies a few days before Christmas.

    • Gwen says:

      How old is your youngest? I am also looking forward to Rio 2 and I almost want to go see Frozen again.

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