Another Week in Photo’s

I am finally beginning to feel better. We stayed home all week except for Wednesdays dance class, and Friday we were in good enough shape to head out for the day. That made for a very quiet week here.


Last week I aced my final exam for class, this week I have to do my final presentation. Finally getting down to the wire. Anyway on with pretty pictures, snapped with just my cell phone.



Being sick at home for two weeks meant that it was time to do something fun. Mommy and daddy decided to have a pajama movie night.

It was a sweet moment with the kids huddled around daddy, trying to help select the movie. We went with Monsters University, even though we saw it already. Thank you Red Box.



This is the only thing in my life that makes me consider getting a coffee table. It would be nice to have a couch, not a train table. The couch is the perfect height for him to play, and he doesn’t accidentally knock his tracks over stepping on them.



After we started taking medicine and were no longer contagious, Uncle D decided we were safe enough to visit. He stopped at Starbucks on the way. I got a hot chocolate, and the kiddos got this tasty guy. He was almost too cute to break apart and eat.



Christmas mug shot, complete. Ugly sweater party ready. It’s actually kind of cute. K2 learned that he does not like turtle necks, just like his mommy. Oh well, he will be warm anyway.



I am pretty sure that given the option this is what K1 would wear most of the time. She loves clothes, but sometimes she hates them. When that happens, this is what we get. She pretty cute tho so we will keep her.



Staying inside with two kids for two weeks you begin to get creative. End result, this.


I told the kids that we were going to make a building for their cars. I let them color all over it with markers. After I cut out some openings for doors and windows. The magic of this, it is still in one piece, and they have played with it every day. Magic. Box, markers, done.



In other news K2 has become destruct-o-matic. Six beautiful book pages later, I thought Skippyjon Jones was headed for the trash. Fortunately I am great with tape repairs. I really love these books. The Skippyjon Jones books are so much fun to read, and the kids like them too. I also hate buying a book we already have had. I like new adventures, so I am glad this will not need to be replaced.


Do you repair damaged kids books, or toss them?

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  1. Colleen says:

    Love the ugly sweater!

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