Another Week in Photos

Normally this Friday would be more exciting than it is, with daddy being off and all, but the whole house is still sick. I think that K1 is feeling better today than she has been, and I am feeling a tiny bit better, finally.


But let’s get on with the ultra short review of the last week.





If you read yesterday’s post, you know we went to Legoland Saturday. I shared these two gems on Instagram but not in my Legoland post.



And this. This has been the scene all week. Tissues, tea, and soup.


Wednesday night I decided to try some modern medicine known as Aleve-D Sinus and Headache. It worked some, I felt better, but it is a 12 hour thing that doesn’t last 12 hours. I tried to use it to make it through my class last night, but I left at the break. I don’t mind too much that I had to leave. The remainder of class was going to be review for our final exam next week, and information for a paper that I already turned in.


Side note, on class ….. I only have four classes left, it has gone by so fast! Final exam next week, and power points for our final project have to be turned in. The following week I have to perform my final project. The rest is just showing up for me, I’ll be done doing work for class in two weeks!



I was selected to host a House Party for Gevalia Coffee foamy drinks. I actually forgot about it when I was selected, you know because I quit drinking coffee for a while.


Well, first I was excited to be selected, it was nice, and exciting.

Second, apparently in order to be selected in the future they take into account how many people respond to your RSVP count, and basically no one’s RSVP’d. Sad face.

Third, I still haven’t opened the box. Nope, it’s still sitting on the counter waiting for me to feel up to it.


I also haven’t scheduled the coffee party as a mommy meet-up event yet, and I plan to. I have just been so sick and tired, ugh. I am planning on doing coffee filter butterfly’s with the kiddos at the event.


Also on the quitting coffee business. I have not had coffee for 22 days today. I also have not had any migraines, yay! I was planning to go without for two weeks, but in typical Lowe’s mantra S reminded me that “It takes 21 days to create a habit.” So I decided to go for three full weeks, before having an occasional cuppa. Now, these Gevalia Coffee’s will be an extra treat.


Know any other good coffee related kids crafts? 

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One Response to 'Another Week in Photos'

  1. Ruby Ragar says:

    I have no kids but would love to go to Lego land! Looks like so much fun and I love Legos!

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