Another Week In Photos

It’s Friday, and I’m excited. Daddy (S) is off the weekend. We are going to go ring shopping! Yes I know I haven’t talked wedding in several months, but it’s coming. More details on that later, first let’s get to what we do on Friday’s.


We wrap up, insta-style. I have 4 gems for you this week.

IMG_20131026_162118When you give kids access to colored pencils at all time, you might end up with a masterpiece like this. On a wall. I can fully admit that I was paying attention the whole time, I just didn’t realize what I was seeing until I saw it later. Classy of me I know.

IMG_20131026_181337Enjoying a dinner cook out with a few friends by the lake. We stayed long enough to see the sunset. I was glorious.


Did you spot the bunny in the trees?

IMG_20131029_124221She’s a diva I know.


A friend sent us this hand me down jacket several months ago. It is really nice. This day was the first time that K1 saw it, and got to wear it, all in the same day. She was dancing around all over the place showing it off. When I asked her to stop so that I could take a picture, I got a fun montage ….. this was the last pose. Her “Princess” pose. “They hold their dress like this mommy.”

IMG_20131031_090539I was anticipating the arrival of this costume about a week earlier, but due to a back order it arrived the day before Halloween.


Better late than never right? Guess who wore two different Halloween costumes this year? Hope she doesn’t ask for that in the future, all on purpose and stuff.


What did your week look like?

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3 Responses to 'Another Week In Photos'

  1. Elaine says:

    Gwen, You continue to amaze me with all that you do!!! Love the picture of K1 in this series…SHE IS GROWING UP SOOOOOO FAST!! I remember holding that precious bundle in my arms…and the look on your face when you spotted me…precious memories for both of us! Love you…miss you…!

    • Gwen says:

      I know she really is. As the saying goes the days are long and the years are short, or something like that. That weekend is one of my favorites of all times, and you are a huge part of the reason. Love and miss you too!

  2. What a sweet princess pose! Congrats on ring shopping, how fun! Have a great week, xoxo.

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