Another Week In Photo’s

So I can honestly say that this week was pretty much just a blur.


Working at 4 Am. Coming home to make kids breakfast, and do all the things I would if I hadn’t been up since 3 AM. Preparing homework and then class … I’m wiped!


But I took a bunch of snap shots via Instagram during the week. I’m GT4936 if you want to follow along.


Let’s take a peek.

IMG_20131005_161436After being stuck in the house with a sick child for three days I walked out onto my step to find this. How exciting! I played a game for a sweepstakes a few times and won a 6 pack sampler, which I received several weeks ago. I was confused that there was a package on my step at all. This was ultra nice to find when I opened the little box.


Thanks Brew Over Ice, that put a smile on my face!

wpid-IMG_20131006_184033.jpgDaddy was telling Kaya and I that she is my spitting image. I was in disbelief so he told us to get together, and took my phone. He wanted to snap a shot of us together. Five attempts later and this one was still the best. Apparently we had a hard time with the flash.


I think she is totally her own person, and we have only a few similarities. Maybe he means she is my spitting image in way that you can not capture on camera.

wpid-IMG_20131005_093634.jpgI told you that last week we would have a sub for dance class. Here he is! And it pretty much was a circus.

wpid-IMG_20131007_191906.jpgWe have a friend that is a photographer. She recently got a new camera and wanted some subjects to practice with. So K1 and K2 got all gussied up and wandered over to a local lake. She did a great job, and took pictures nothing like anything we have already.

wpid-IMG_20131007_104053.jpgA little “made it through 4 sick days with kids” reward. They got a reward too. Snacks outside.

wpid-IMG_20131008_110828.jpgWay way back many months ago K1 chalked K2 head when he wasn’t even walking yet. This time, he did it himself. Classy boy, classy.

wpid-IMG_20131009_093437.jpgDaddy found a baseball glove in the field near our house. He was testing to see if it would work for K1.


What do you mean ballerinas don’t play baseball? They do in our house. Too bad she’s a lefty.


What do you do when it finally rains in SoCal? SPLASH!!


What were you up to?


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